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Entry Date Title Site Author #Graphics
173 Fri 22-Dec-2006co2 at sw is quality controlledSouthwestaster
156 Tue 31-Oct-2006sw teardownSouthwestOncley
147 Sat 28-Oct-2006upload data from SWSouthwestSemmer
141 Thu 26-Oct-2006generator-spikeSouthwestOncley
72 Sat 14-Oct-2006sw sensor serial numbersSouthwestHorst
49 Sun 08-Oct-2006sw down from ~20UTC to 23UTC 08 OctSouthwestMartin
47 Sun 08-Oct-2006Plugged in Tsurface at swSouthwestHorst
46 Sun 08-Oct-2006Installed CSAT sn 0378 at swSouthwestHorst
14 Thu 05-Oct-2006Rnet and Tsurface at swSouthwestHorst
4 Tue 03-Oct-2006Measured prop vane boom angleSouthwestHorst
3 Tue 03-Oct-2006Installed net radiometerSouthwestHorst

173: Data, Site Southwest, Fri 22-Dec-2006 17:05:53 MST, co2 at sw is quality controlled
The licor-7500 has been quality controlled, it consisted of removing bad data during rain and everythin else was ok.
156: LOG, Site Southwest, Tue 31-Oct-2006 12:40:50 MST, sw teardown
We've just torn down sw.

Kurt's list of serial numbers:
adam #13
baro 0610002 B5
GPS HAO 71965232
terrabeam H 00-20-F6-05-2485
RMY 00318
CSAT 0378
LiCOR LI7500 75H-0813
TRH ? (old aster prop housing)
CR10x southwest (SODAR) S/N 9866
TP01 200241
Tsoil NCAR003
Rnet Q06094
Tsurf IRT 4078-3
HFT H013391
Soil M - none

147: Station_Visit, Site Southwest, Sat 28-Oct-2006 09:54:56 MST, upload data from SW
The usb stick was removed from SW and uploaded between 9:00 and 9:55 am, local.
141: KH2O, Site Southwest, Thu 26-Oct-2006 17:38:23 MST, generator-spike
There is a -Inf spike on h2o at about 1100 today.  This is when the generator
was being serviced.  We thought that the battery at the station would keep
it going through this, but apparently the station voltage dropped to 11.4V
during this period.

It looks like it came back up okay.

72: Station_Visit, Site Southwest, Sat 14-Oct-2006 12:12:11 MST, sw sensor serial numbers
Q7		Q06094
Tsoil		NCAR003
HFT		H013991
TP01		200241

49: Adam, Site Southwest, Sun 08-Oct-2006 17:06:42 MST, sw down from ~20UTC to 23UTC 08 Oct
Data system was down while testing a
new Linux kernel.

It is running again now.
47: Radiometers, Site Southwest, Sun 08-Oct-2006 15:41:24 MST, Plugged in Tsurface at sw
Tsurface at sw was not plugged in!  Rectified this oversight.
46: Sonic, Site Southwest, Sun 08-Oct-2006 15:40:14 MST, Installed CSAT sn 0378 at sw
Configured and installed PSU CSAT sn 0378 at sw today
14: Radiometers, Site Southwest, Thu 05-Oct-2006 15:55:00 MST, Rnet and Tsurface at sw
Around 1500 local time, I turned the Rnet over to read the coefficients:
positive = 8.70
negative = 10.77

Around 1530 local time, I removed power from the logger to add power to
the Everest Tsurface plug.  Plugged in Tsurface.
4: Prop_Vane, Site Southwest, Tue 03-Oct-2006 17:53:17 MST, Measured prop vane boom angle
I calibrated the data scope and entered the local declination of 12.2 deg E.
Then I measured the orientation of the prop vane boom to be 180 deg + 91.5 deg
=271.5 degrees true.
A second prop measurement was made on 10/26/06: reading was 269

3: Radiometers, Site Southwest, Tue 03-Oct-2006 17:51:51 MST, Installed net radiometer
Around 19:00 local time, I installed a net radiometer at the southwest site.
Note that I did not enter the coefficient in the logger.

5/10/07, TWH:  Note that the time, 19:00, has to be wrong because the entry is
dated 17:51:51. My guess from looking at the Rnet data is that this should be
around 17:00.