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28 Fri 12-Sep-2003Sonic Heightsallmilitzer
27 Fri 12-Sep-2003Csat has 'thread' on transducers9militzer

28: Sonics, Site all, Fri 12-Sep-2003 16:06:10 EDT, Sonic Heights
Per Dave Fitzgerald / Jeff Friedman:

All Sonics were setup at 7m with booms pointing toward the West.
All Kryptons were mounted vertically 30cm back from the sampling volume.
27: Sonics, Site 9, Fri 12-Sep-2003 14:46:14 EDT, Csat has 'thread' on transducers
Site 9 has a fine cotton thread strand crossing over the up-looking transducers
that SteveO used during testing in Boulder.
This may help improve the csat recovery time in rain if the water is wicked away.