Periods of Operation

NCAR/ATD Foothills Lab

The WebCam does not generally operate at night.

It is intended to operate the WebCam every day. However, research needs may dictate otherwise, and there will be periods of unplanned downtime. NCAR makes no commitment to operation for any given time period.

The following are known extended periods for which images should be available. Within these periods, there may be short times when some component of the system was down, and images were missed. Once operations become stable, a list of "known down times" will likely be more useful.

Periods of Operation

      2003-Mar-01  thru  2003-Mar-18
      2003-Mar-25  thru  2003-Apr-15
      2003-May-07  thru  2003-May-19
      2003-Jun-05  thru  2003-Jun-14
      2003-Jun-16  thru  2004-Nov-06

Known Down Times

This list mostly applies after June 2003.

      2003-Jun-14 12:52  thru  2003-Jun-16 09:07
      2003-Oct-16 16:08  thru  2003-Oct-17 14:08  Out due to sub-network maintenance; no significant 
                                                  clouds during this period.
      2003-Nov-12 10:00  thru  2003-Nov-12 15:27  NE Boulder power outage and accompanying hardware failure.
      2003-Dec-13 08:49  thru  2003-Dec-15 12:20  Full data disk, no room available for images.
      2004-Jan-17 All day			  Server downtime; storage not available.
      2004-Apr-18 18:20  thru  2004-Apr-19 09:30  Network switch failure (server not available)
 ***  2004-Nov-07        thru  2005-Sep-16 11:00  Failed camera; replacement of components required.

Unusual Problems

Leap Year For whatever reason, the clock in the webcam does not recognize leap year. All images for 29-Feb-2004 and those through 08:40 on 01-Mar-2004 have incorrect timestamps within the image. The file names have all been corrected to reflect the proper dates. Still, this manual process could have introduced some error, and the user should be aware.

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