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Mar 2007 - Jun 2007

Post-Project Static Pages

The CHATS program has wrapped-up. These pages now present access to static (non-realtime) images, only. A full set of image summaries and an on-line report are being prepared.

Please check back for updates.

About the Images and Data

The NCAR REAL ran unattended, and almost continuously (except for periods of rain and about 5 days with varying problems) 14-March thru 11-Jun-2007. Depending on the particular scan strategy, REAL typically created 120-200 scan images (some horizontal, some vertical) per hour. This image data base is available through the calendar interface, below. The data base has been/is being updated to include all the sweeps collected during the field phase of the experiment (realtime images as saved in the field; cleaned-up post-processed images may or may not become available for a particular day, depending upon that day's level-of-interest).

REAL logged raw data at a rate of about 43 GB per day for the first half of the project, then about 24 GB/day for the last half, following a reduction in the maximum allowed sensor range. The raw data have been copied from field disk to the EOL internal archive, and will be made available to outside users after conversion to NetCDF.

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