HARP CP4 Data Available from RDP

About These Data

NCAR's CP4 radar operated in support of the Hawaiian Rainband Project (HaRP) during July and August of 1990.

RDP maintains a permanent archive of all CP4 data for this project, and may be contacted for data requests. For information on ordering data, click here

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Special Note

Tape numbers show here are temporary, and will be changed when data are reblocked and transferred to permanent archive tapes. All tape data were created from Mass-Store images of data that were originally on 9-track tape. For a list of original 9-track tapes (with dates and times of those tapes), click here

Tapes and Time Periods Available

The following tape data with the indicated time spans are available. Note that time gaps may occasionally exist within a tape, and the summary information file should be consulted to determine if a specific time period actually exists on tape (click on the tape number to view the summary file; click here for general information about the contents of the summary files). Tape numbers shown are RDP archive numbers, and may be referenced when requesting data. Click on the button (when present) to review radar scan patterns for the time period of a corresponding tape.

Movie loops of low-level scans have been created for some tapes during certain radar projects. If a movie exists, you will see the icon on the line with the tape number. Click on this icon to get a good summary of radar data for the period of the data tape. Note that these movies may be long! (2 to 4 Mbytes is not unusual). Also note that a given movie may actually extend into the time period of the next tape in the list; no icon will then appear for this next tape (if you think you want to view a movie for a given tape, but the icon is not present, try using the loop for the preceding tape).

Q40500   13-Jul-90  04:27  20-Jul-90  14:52 SCANS          
Q40501   20-Jul-90  15:29  23-Jul-90  19:26 SCANS          
Q40502   24-Jul-90  13:33  27-Jul-90  21:41 SCANS          
Q40503   28-Jul-90  13:31  02-Aug-90  00:12 SCANS          
Q40504   02-Aug-90  15:39  03-Aug-90  21:24 SCANS          
Q40505   03-Aug-90  21:53  06-Aug-90  15:04 SCANS          
Q40506   06-Aug-90  15:33  07-Aug-90  16:11 SCANS          
Q40507   07-Aug-90  17:09  08-Aug-90  17:08 SCANS          
Q40508   08-Aug-90  18:03  10-Aug-90  09:48 SCANS          
Q40509   10-Aug-90  10:50  11-Aug-90  12:43 SCANS          
Q40510   11-Aug-90  13:36  14-Aug-90  20:45 SCANS          
Q40511   14-Aug-90  23:00  17-Aug-90  19:13 SCANS          
Q40512   17-Aug-90  19:13  21-Aug-90  16:46 SCANS          
Q40513   21-Aug-90  17:37  23-Aug-90  21:54 SCANS          

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