Last update: Wed Apr 22 15:15:06 MDT 2009

IWG1 ASCII Packet Definition


Example Format

Example String

Parameter List

The list of variables will be fixed in the following order, these are all platform 'best' values. Custom parameters may be added at the end of this list on a per platform then per deployment basis.

Short NameUnitsRangeDescription
Date/TimeUTCISO-8601 formatted date and time
Latdegree_N (dec)-90 to 90Platform Latitude
Londegree_E (dec)-180 to 179.9999Platform Longitude
GPS_MSL_AltmGPS Altitude, Mean Sea Level (MSL)
WGS_84_AltmWGS 84 Geoid Altitude
Press_AltfeetPressure Altitude
Radar_AltfeetZero or greaterRadar Altimeter Altitude
Grnd_Spdm/sGround Speed
True_Airspeedm/sTrue Airspeed
Indicated_AirspeedknotsIndicated Airspeed
Mach_NumberAircraft Mach Number
Vert_Velocitym/s[3]Aircraft Vertical Velocity
True_Hdgdegrees_true0 to 359.9999True Heading
Trackdegrees_true0 to 359.9999Track Angle
DriftdegreesDrift Angle
Pitchdegrees-90 to 90 [1]Pitch
Rolldegrees-90 to 90 [2]Roll
Side_slipdegreesSide Slip Angle
Angle_of_Attackdegrees-90 to 90 [1]Angle of Attack
Ambient_Tempdegrees_CAmbient Temperature
Dew_Pointdegrees_CDew Point
Total_Tempdegrees_CTotal Temperature
Static_PressmbarStatic Pressure
Dynamic_PressmbarDynamic Pressure (total minus static)
Cabin_PressurembarCabin Pressure / Altitude
Wind_Speedm/sZero or greaterWind Speed
Wind_Dirdegrees_true0 to 359.9999Wind Direction
Vert_Wind_Spdm/s[3]Vertical Wind Speed
Solar_ZenithdegreesSolar Zenith Angle
Sun_Elev_ACdegreesSun Elevation from Aircraft
Sun_Az_Grddegrees_true0 to 359.9999Sun Azimuth from Ground
Sun_Az_ACdegrees_true0 to 359.9999Sun Azimuth from Aircraft

[1] Negative is nose down, positive is nose up.
[2] Negative is left wing down, positive is right wing down.
[3] Negative is downward, positive is upward.