Project #2000-143 TOPSE

Tropospheric Ozone Production about the Spring Equinox

Elliot Atlas, et al.

NSF/NCAR EC-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

Aircraft Variable List from netCDF file

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Name Units Description
base_time s Seconds since Jan 1, 1970.
time_offset s Seconds since base_time.
ADIFR mbar Vertical Differential Pressure, Radome
BDIFR mbar Horizontal Differential Pressure, Radome
CNTEMP C CN Counter Inlet Temperature
CNTS cnts TSI CN Counter Output
DPB C Dew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Bottom
DPT C Dew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Top
DTB C Pyrgeometer Dome Temperature, Bottom
DTT C Pyrgeometer Dome Temperature, Top
FCN slpm Raw CN Counter Sample Flow Rate
IRB W/M2 Raw Infrared Irradiance, Bottom
IRT W/M2 Raw Infrared Irradiance, Top
PCAB mbar Interior Cabin Static Pressure
PCN mbar CN Counter Inlet Pressure
PLWC W Raw PMS-King Liquid Water Content Output
PLWC1 W Raw PMS-King Liquid Water Content Output
PSF mbar Raw Static Pressure, Fuselage
PSFD1 cnts Raw PSFD, Low-order word
PSFD2 cnts Raw PSFD, High-order word
QCF mbar Raw Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCR mbar Raw Dynamic Pressure, Radome
RICE Vdc Raw Icing-Rate Indicator
RSTB C Radiometric Surface Temperature
RSTB1 C Radiometric Surface Temperature
STB C Pyrgeometer Sink Temperature, Bottom
STT C Pyrgeometer Sink Temperature, Top
SWB W/M2 Shortwave Irradiance, Bottom
SWT W/M2 Shortwave Irradiance, Top
TRSTB C RSTB Sensor Head Temperature
TTRL C Total Temperature, Radome Left
TTRR C Total Temperature, Radome Right
TTWH C Total Temperature, Deiced Wing
UVB W/M2 Ultraviolet Irradiance, Bottom
UVT W/M2 Ultraviolet Irradiance, Top
XGMODE cnts Gerber PV-100 Probe Mode (extraneous variable output by mistake)
XICN slpm CN Isokinetic Side Flow Rate
XPAN Vdc PAN Sampling Mode Status
XUCAL Vdc Cohen Sampling Mode Status
A260X_LPO cnts 260X Raw Accumulation (per cell)
ACINS M/s2 Aircraft Vertical Acceleration
AF300_RPI cnts FSSP-300 Raw Accumulation (per cell)
AFSSP_LPI cnts FSSP-100 Raw Accumulation (per cell)
ALT M IRS Baro-Inertial Altitude
APCAS_RPO cnts PCAS Raw Accumulation (per cell)
ATLH C Total Temperature, TDL Hygrometer
DAY day Raw Tape Date Component
FACT_LPI none FSSP-100 Activity Fraction
FANV_LPI Vdc FSSP-100 Annulus Baseline Voltage
FREF_LPI none FSSP-100 Laser Reference Voltage
FRNG_LPI none FSSP-100 Size Range Category
FRST_LPI cnts FSSP-100 Fast Resets
FSIG_LPI Vdc FSSP-100 Signal Voltage
FSTB_LPI cnts FSSP-100 Strobes
FSTT_LPI cnts FSSP-100 Signal Transit Time
FTMP_LPI C FSSP-100 Housekeeping Data
GLAT deg GPS Latitude
GLON deg GPS Longitude
GMODE none GPS Mode
GSF M/s Inertial Ground Speed
GSTAT none GPS Status
GVEW M/s GPS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
GVNS M/s GPS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
GVZI M/s GPS-Computed Aircraft Vertical Velocity
HGM232 M Geometric (Radar) Altitude (APN-232)
HGM232S none Geometric Altitude Status Monitor (APN-232)
HOUR hours Raw Tape Time Component
LAT deg Inertial Latitude
LON deg Inertial Longitude
MINUTE minutes Raw Tape Time Component
MONTH month Raw Tape Date Component
MRLHS g/kg Mixing Ratio, TDL Hygrometer - strong
MRLHW g/kg Mixing Ratio, TDL Hygrometer - weak
PACT_RPO cnts PCAS Raw Activity
PBRS_RPO none PCAS Beam Diffraction Ratio
PITCH deg Aircraft Pitch Angle
PREF_RPO Vdc PCAS Laser Reference Voltage
PSFD mbar Raw Static Pressure, Fuselage Digital
PSFRD mbar Raw Static Pressure, Fuselage (Ruska)
PSLH mbar Raw Static Pressure, TDL Hygrometer
PSTT_RPO cnts PCAS Signal Transit Time
PTMP_RPO C PCAS Detector Temperature
ROLL deg Aircraft Roll Angle
SECOND s Raw Tape Time Component
THDG deg Aircraft True Heading Angle
VEW M/s Inertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VNS M/s Inertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VSPD M/s IRS-Computed Aircraft Vertical Velocity
YEAR year Raw Tape Date Component
AKRD deg Attack Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
ATRL C Ambient Temperature, Radome Left
ATRR C Ambient Temperature, Radome Right
ATTACK deg Attack Angle, Reference
ATWH C Ambient Temperature, Deiced Wing
ATX C Ambient Temperature, Reference
C260X_LPO N/L 260X Concentration (per cell)
CF300_RPI N/cM3 FSSP-300 Concentration (per cell)
CFSSP_LPI N/cM3 FSSP-100 Concentration (per cell)
CONC3_RPI N/cM3 FSSP-300 Concentration (all cells)
CONC6_LPO N/L 260X Concentration (all cells)
CONCF_LPI N/cM3 FSSP-100 Concentration (all cells)
CONCN N/cM3 Condensation Nuclei (CN) Concentration
CONCP_RPO N/cM3 PCAS Concentration (all cells)
CPCAS_RPO N/cM3 PCAS Concentration (per cell)
DBAR3_RPI µM FSSP-300 Mean Particle Diameter
DBAR6_LPO µM 260X Mean Particle Diameter
DBARF_LPI µM FSSP-100 Mean Particle Diameter
DBARP_RPO µM PCAS Mean Particle Diameter
DPBC C Dew Point Temperature, T-Electric Bottom
DPTC C Dew Point Temperature, T-Electric Top
DPXC C Dew Point Temperature, Reference
EDPC mbar Ambient Water Vapor Pressure, Reference
FBMFR_LPI none FSSP-100 Beam Fraction
FCNC vlpm Corrected CN Counter Sample Flow Rate
IRBC W/M2 Corrected Infrared Irradiance, Bottom
IRTC W/M2 Corrected Infrared Irradiance, Top
LATC deg GPS-Corrected Inertial Latitude
LONC deg GPS-Corrected Inertial Longitude
MR g/kg Mixing Ratio, T-Electric
ONE none Constant value of 1.
PALT M NACA Pressure Altitude
PALTF feet NACA Pressure Altitude
PFLWC_RPO slpm PCAS Corrected Flow
PLWC6_LPO g/M3 260X Water/Ice Content
PLWCC g/M3 Corrected PMS-King Liquid Water Content
PLWCC1 g/M3 Corrected PMS-King Liquid Water Content
PLWCF_LPI g/M3 FSSP-100 Water/Ice Content
PSFC mbar Corrected Static Pressure, Fuselage
PSFDC mbar Corrected Static Pressure, Fuselage Digital
PSURF mbar Calculated Surface Pressure
PSX mbar Raw Static Pressure, Reference
PSXC mbar Corrected Static Pressure, Reference
QCFC mbar Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCRC mbar Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Radome
QCX mbar Raw Dynamic Pressure, Reference
QCXC mbar Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Reference
RADCF none Radiation Correction Factor
RHODT g/M3 Absolute Humidity, T-Electric Top
RHUM % Relative Humidity
SOLAZ radians Solar Azimuth Angle
SOLDE radians Solar Declination Angle
SOLEL radians Solar Elevation Angle
SOLZE radians Solar Zenith Angle
SSLIP deg Sideslip Angle, Reference
SSRD deg Sideslip Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
SWTC W/M2 Shortwave Irradiance, Top, (Attitude-Corrected)
TASF M/s Aircraft True Airspeed, Fuselage
TASHC M/s Aircraft True Airspeed, Humidity Corrected
TASR M/s Aircraft True Airspeed, Radome
TASX M/s Aircraft True Airspeed, Reference
THETA K Potential Temperature
THETAE K Equivalent Potential Temperature
THETAV K Virtual Potential Temperature
TTX C Total Temperature, Reference
UI M/s Wind Vector, East Component
UIC M/s GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, East Component
UX M/s Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component
UXC M/s GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component
VEWC M/s GPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VI M/s Wind Vector, North Component
VIC M/s GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, North Component
VNSC M/s GPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VY M/s Wind Vector, Lateral Component
VYC M/s GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Lateral Component
WD deg Horizontal Wind Direction
WDC deg GPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Direction
WI M/s Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WIC M/s GPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WP3 M/s Damped Aircraft Vertical Velocity
WS M/s Horizontal Wind Speed
WSC M/s GPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Speed
XICNC vlpm Corrected CN Isokinetic Side Flow Rate
XMACH2 none Aircraft Mach Number Squared
ZERO none Constant value of 0.

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