Project #2000-143 TOPSE

Tropospheric Ozone Production about the Spring Equinox

Elliot Atlas, et al.

NSF/NCAR EC-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

Summary of Calibration Factors

Pre-Calibration - 1/10/2000
Variable (Units) Variable Name C1 C2 C3
Dynamic Pressure-Fuselage (mbar) QCF86.7508.6220.0012
Dynamic Pressure-Radome (mbar) QCR85.5748.626-0.0031
Total Temperature-Radome Right (C) TTRR-1.9155.9780.0001
Total Temperature-Radome Left (C) TTRL-3.0506.0230.0035
Total Temperature:Heated- Wing (C) TTWH-0.4766.146-0.0064
Remote Surface Temp. Bot. (C) RSTB-52.72010.1110.0000
Remote Surface Temp.-Bot. (C) RSTB1-53.45010.238-0.0037
Downward Shortwave Irrad. (W/M2) SWT3055.200301.976-0.4761
Upward Shortwave Irrad. (W/M2) SWB3597.500453.3059.8773
Downward Infrared Irrad. (W/M2) IRT257.000139.453-0.0619
Upward Infrared Irrad. (W/M2) IRB308.700136.655-0.2717
Downward Ultraviolet Irrad. (W/M2) UVT36.7503.7020.0008
Upward Ultraviolet Irrad. (W/M2) UVB37.2003.703-0.0015
Dew Point Temperature-Bottom (C) DPB-1.00010.003-0.0024
Dew Point Temperature-Top (C) DPT-1.2609.991-0.0014
Vertical Press. Diff. Radome (mbar) ADIFR0.1725.150-0.0050
Horizontal Press. Diff. Radome (mbar) BDIFR-0.0655.1310.0010
Cabin Pressure (mbar) PCAB-2.430109.344-0.0797
CN Inlet Pressure (mbar) PCN541.20054.195-0.0048
CN Flow Rate (slpm) FCN0.0220.1980.0000

Post-Calibration - 5/01/2000
Variable (Units) Variable Name C1 C2 C3
Dynamic Pressure-Fuselage (mbar) QCF86.8368.629-0.0010
Dynamic Pressure-Radome (mbar) QCR83.4888.7130.2199
Total Temperature-Radome Right (C) TTRR+-0.6235.999-0.0034
Total Temperature-Radome Left (C) TTRL+-0.6786.065-0.0032
Total Temperature:Heated- Wing (C) TTWH-0.4976.167-0.0061
Remote Surface Temp: Bot. (C) RSTB-52.99010.648-0.0314
Remote Surface Temp: Bot. (C) RSTB1-52.22110.500-0.0248
Downward Shortwave Irrad. (W/M2) SWT3086.400316.7140.8373
Upward Shortwave Irrad. (W/M2) SWB3106.700311.8930.0735
Downward Infrared Irrad. (W/M2) IRT261.970139.453-0.0619
Upward Infrared Irrad. (W/M2) IRB309.200141.3850.0625
Downward Ultraviolet Irrad. (W/M2) UVT36.8003.6990.0005
Upward Ultraviolet Irrad. (W/M2) UVB30.9003.0900.0003
Dew Point Temperature-Bottom (C) DPB0.02710.054-0.0004
Dew Point Temperature-Top (C) DPT-0.3909.9590.0832
Vertical Press. Diff. Radome (mbar) ADIFR0.0765.196-0.0010
Horizontal Press. Diff. Radome (mbar) BDIFR-0.0695.2000.0013
Cabin Pressure (mbar) PCAB-3.135109.377-0.0817
CN Inlet Pressure (mbar) PCN541.20054.245-0.0069

+ Certain sensors had to be replaced during the course of the experiment. Post Calibration coefficients were used from the point of the exchange to the end of the project.

Calibration Manuevers 02/21/2000, 04/30/2000

RAF uses sets of in-flight maneuvers specifically designed to help evaluate the performance of the 3-D wind measurement system on the aircraft. Sets of maneuvers were flown on two research flights (RF04 and RF26). In each case the variations observed fell within acceptable limits.

PMS-1D Probe Bin Sizes

The FSSP-100, FSSP-300, PCASP and 260X 1-D probes were used on the project. The 260X probe provides measurements for 64 bins of 10 micrometers each. Due to airspeed limits on the probe response, however, calculations of 260X particle concentrations are limited to bin 5 and above (>50 µm). Listed below is the minimum droplet diameter (micrometers) of each sampling bin.

PMS-1D Probe Bin Diameter (µm)
bin FSSP-100 (Range 0) FSSP-300 PCASP
#1 5.600.300.10
#2 7.900.350.14
#16 1.56 
#17 2.00 
#18 2.70 
#19 3.40 
#20 4.05 
#21 4.75 
#22 5.55 
#23 6.40 
#24 7.30 
#25 8.15 
#26 9.05 
#27 9.90 
#28 11.50 
#29 13.90 
#30 16.35 
#31 18.75 
#32 30.00 

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