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Project # 2007-114 PASE

Pacific Atmospheric Sulfur Experiment

Principal Investigator(s):  Alan Bandy, et al.

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

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Documentation Summary

This site has the final documentation for the airborne measurements obtained from the NSF/NCAR Research Aviation Facility (RAF) C-130Q Hercules aircraft (Tail Number N130AR) during the PASE project which took place from 8 August to 6 September 2007.

Both the Low-Rate (LRT, 1 sample per second) and High-Rate (HRT, 25 sps, mixed) production data sets are available on-line at the URLs:

If this access method is unacceptable, data orders may be directed to the RAF Data Manager, Ron Ruth, phone: (303)497-1084.  Access is also possible through individual scientist accounts with NCAR's Computational and Information Systems Laboratory.

Both the raw and production output data have been archived to the NCAR/CISL Mass Store System (MSS) which has proven to be extremely reliable.  However, we strongly urge data recipients to make their own archival copies to protect against damage or loss.

Software for viewing the Low-Rate data is available from the RAF.  Please consult the RAF Software Product Guide for more information on available RAF data-perusal programs.

As you proceed with analysis of your data, you may have questions, encounter problems, or uncover discrepancies or other aspects of the data set that may be of interest to the RAF and to other users.  We ask that you bring these issues to the attention of the Project Manager or the RAF Manager.

Allen Schanot,
PASE Project Manager
FAX phone number:  (303)497-1092
Mail address:
National Center for Atmospheric Research
EOL/Research Aviation Facility
P. O. Box 3000
Boulder, CO 80307-3000
U. S. A.

We also solicit your more general comments on the quality, usefulness, and/or new applications of the data.

We hope the support of this project provided by the Research Aviation Facility has been satisfactory.  It has been our pleasure to serve you.  If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call on us.


Allen Schanot
Project Manager/Associate Scientist

Jeffrey L. Stith, Ph.D.
Manager, Research Aviation Facility

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