Project # 2007-506 PACDEX

PACific Dust EXperiment

Principal Investigator(s):  Jeffrey L. Stith, et al.

NSF/NCAR Gulfstream V (N677F)

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Low-Rate Variable List from Production netCDF File

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Name Units Description
Timeseconds since 2007-04-29 16:02:30 +0000time of measurement
A1DC_LWOcountFast 2DC Raw Accumulation, entire-in (per cell)
A2DC_LWOcountFast 2DC Raw Accumulation, center-in (per cell)
ACDP_LWIcountCDP Raw Accumulation (per cell)
ACINSm/s2IRS Vertical Acceleration
ACINS_IRS2m/s2IRS Vertical Acceleration
ADIFRhPaVertical Differential Pressure, Radome
ALT_GmAvionics GPS Altitude (MSL)
AT_Adeg_CADC Ambient Air Temperature
AUHSAS_RWIcountUHSAS Raw Count Histogram
AVGTRNS_LWInoneCDP Average Transit Time
BDIFRhPaHorizontal Differential Pressure, Radome
CAS_Am/sADC Computed Air Speed
CDPLBTMP_LWIdeg_CCDP Laser Block Temperature
CDPLSRC_LWImAmpCDP Laser Current
CDPLSRP_LWIVCDP Laser Power Monitor
CDPWBTMP_LWIdeg_CCDP Wing Board Temperature
CNT1noneCN Counts
CNTEMP_WCNdeg_CWCN Optics Temperature
CNTS_WCNcountWCN Accumulated Particle Counts
COMR_ALppbvCarbon Monoxide Mixing Ratio
DPLSdeg_CDew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Left
DPRSdeg_CDew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Right
DT1DC_LWOmsecFast 2DC Probe Dead Time
DT2DC_LWOmsecFast 2DC Probe Dead Time
ETCN_WCNsWCN Sample Time (Elapsed Time)
FCNC_WCNvlpmWCN Sample Flow Rate
FSHCN_WCNcm3/minWCN Sheath Flow Rate
FTCN_WCNcm3/minWCN Total Flow Rate
GGALTmReference GPS Altitude (MSL)
GGEOIDHTmReference GPS Height of geoid (MSL) above WGS84 ellipsoid
GGHORDILnoneReference GPS Horizontal dilution of position
GGLATdegree_NReference GPS Latitude
GGLONdegree_EReference GPS Longitude
GGNSATcountReference GPS number of satellites tracked
GGQUALnoneReference GPS Qual, 0=inval,1=GPS,2=DGPS
GGSPDm/sReference GPS Ground Speed
GGSTATUSnoneReference GPS rcvr status: 1=OK(A), 0=warning(V)
GGTRKdegree_TReference GPS Track Angle
GGVEWm/sReference GPS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
GGVNSm/sReference GPS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
GSFm/sIRS Aircraft Ground Speed
GSF_IRS2m/sIRS Aircraft Ground Speed
LATdegree_NIRS Latitude
LONdegree_EIRS Longitude
MACH_AnoneADC Mach Number
MCN_WCNnoneWCN Current Operating Mode
NOSETMPdeg_CRadome Environmental Box Temperature
OVFLW_LWInoneCDP AtoD Converter Overflow/Overrange
PACN_WCNhPaWCN Absolute Pressure
PALT_AmADC Pressure Altitude
PCABhPaInterior Cabin Static Pressure
PCN_WCNhPaWCN Absolute Pressure
PDUMPPLhPaPressure of instrument exhaust duct, right
PDUMPPRhPaPressure of instrument exhaust duct, left
PHIML1hPaStatic Pressure inside of HIMIL @ 434L
PHIML2hPaDifferential Pressure inside of HIMIL @ 434L
PITCHdegreeIRS Aircraft Pitch Angle
PITCH_IRS2degreeIRS Aircraft Pitch Angle
PLWCWRaw PMS-King Liquid Water Content Output
PSFhPaRaw Static Pressure, Fuselage
PS_AhPaADC Static Pressure
QCFhPaRaw Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCRhPaRaw Dynamic Pressure, Radome
QC_AhPaADC Impact Pressure
REJAT_LWInoneCDP Average Transit Rejected Particles
REJDOF_LWIcountCDP Particles Rejected (Outside Depth-of-Field))
RICEVRaw Icing-Rate Indicator
ROLLdegreeIRS Aircraft Roll Angle
ROLL_IRS2degreeIRS Aircraft Roll Angle
RPCN_WCNnoneWCN Raw Photometric Value
SFLCN_WCNnoneWCN Status Flags
SHDORC_LWOcountFast 2DC Shadow-or count
TAS_Am/sADC True Air Speed
TCABdeg_CCabin Temperature at AEROSOL Rack Location
TGCN_WCNdeg_CWCN Growth Tube Temperature
THDGdegree_TIRS Aircraft True Heading Angle
THDG_IRS2degree_TIRS Aircraft True Heading Angle
THIML1deg_CHIMIL Tip Temperature
THIML2deg_CHIMIL Tip Temperature
THIML3deg_CHIMIL Tip Temperature
THIML4deg_CHIMIL Tip Temperature
TSCN_WCNdeg_CWCN Saturator Temperature
TTFRdeg_CTotal Temperature, Radome Left
TTHR1deg_CTotal Temperature, Deiced Right
TTHR2deg_CTotal Temperature, Deiced Right
TT_Adeg_CADC Total Air Temperature
UBTMP_RWIKUHSAS Temperature in Canister
UDIFF_RWIVUHSAS Absolute Pressure in Canister, signal
UPRESS_RWIkPaUHSAS Absolute Pressure in Canister
UREF_RWIVUHSAS Reference Intensity
USCAT_RWIVUHSAS Background Scatter
USHFLW_RWIsccsUHSAS Air Sheath Flow
UTEMP_RWIVUHSAS Temperature in Canister, signal
VEWm/sIRS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VEW_Gm/sAvionics GPS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VEW_IRS2m/sIRS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VNSm/sIRS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VNS_Gm/sAvionics GPS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VNS_IRS2m/sIRS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VSPDm/sIRS Vertical Speed
VSPD_Gm/sAvionics GPS Vertical Velocity
VSPD_IRS2m/sIRS Vertical Speed
AKRDdegreeAttack Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
ATCdeg_CAmbient Temperature (Blended ADC & Rosemount), Reference
ATFRdeg_CAmbient Temperature, Deiced Right
ATHR1deg_CAmbient Temperature, Deiced Right
ATHR2deg_CAmbient Temperature, Deiced Right
ATXdeg_CAmbient Temperature, Reference
C1DC_LWO#/L2D-C Concentration, 260X Emulation (per cell)
C2DC_LWO#/L2D-C Concentration, Reconstruction (per cell)
CCDP_LWI#/cm3CDP Concentration (per cell)
CONC1DC_LWO#/L2D-C Concentration, 260X Emulation (all cells)
CONC2DC050_LWO#/L2D-C Concentraton 50u and larger, Reconstruction (all cells)
CONC2DC100_LWO#/L2D-C Concentraton 100u and larger, Reconstruction (all cells)
CONC2DC150_LWO#/L2D-C Concentraton 150u and larger, Reconstruction (all cells)
CONC2DC_LWO#/L2D-C Concentraton, Reconstruction (all cells)
CONCD_LWI#/cm3CDP Concentration (all cell)
CONCN_WCN#/cm3Condensation Nuclei (CN) Concentration
CONCU100_RWI#/cm3UHSAS Concentration, .1 micron and bigger
CONCU500_RWI#/cm3UHSAS Concentration, .5 micron and bigger
CONCU_RWI#/cm3UHSAS Concentration (all cells)
CUHSAS_RWI#/cm3UHSAS Concentration (per cell)
DBAR1DC_LWOµm2D-C Mean Particle Diameter, 260X Emulation
DBAR2DC_LWOµm2D-C Mean Particle Diameter, Reconstruction
DBARD_LWIµmCDP Mean Particle Diameter
DBARU_RWIµmUHSAS Mean Particle Diameter
DBZ1DC_LWOdBZ2D-C Calculated Reflectivity, 260X Emulation
DBZ2DC_LWOdBZ2D-C Calculated Reflectivity, Reconstruction
DBZD_LWIdBZCDP Calculated Reflectivity
DISP1DC_LWOnone2D-C Dispersion, 260X Emulation (sigma/dbarx)
DISP2DC_LWOnone2D-C Dispersion, Reconstruction (sigma/dbarx)
DPLCdeg_CDew Point Temperature, T-Electric Left
DPRCdeg_CDew Point Temperature, T-Electric Right
DPXCdeg_CDew Point Temperature, Reference
EDPChPaAmbient Water Vapor Pressure, Reference
LATCdegree_NGPS-Corrected Inertial Latitude
LONCdegree_EGPS-Corrected Inertial Longitude
MRgram/kgMixing Ratio, T-Electric
ONEnoneConstant value of 1.
PALTmNACA Pressure Altitude
PALTFfeetNACA Pressure Altitude
PLWC1DC_LWOgram/m32D-C Water/Ice Content, 260X Emulation
PLWC2DC_LWOgram/m32D-C Water/Ice Content, Reconstruction
PLWCCgram/m3Corrected PMS-King Liquid Water Content
PLWCD_LWIgram/m3CDP Water/Ice Content
PSFChPaCorrected Static Pressure, Fuselage
PSXhPaRaw Static Pressure, Reference
PSXChPaCorrected Static Pressure, Reference
PVOLU_RWIµm3/m3UHSAS Equivalent Volume
QCFChPaCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCRChPaCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Radome
QCXhPaRaw Dynamic Pressure, Reference
QCXChPaCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Reference
REFF2DC_LWOµm1DC Effective Radius
REFFD2DC_LWOµm1DC and CDP Effective Radius
REFFD_LWIµmCDP Effective Radius
RHODRgram/m3Absolute Humidity, T-Electric Right
RHUM%Relative Humidity
SSRDdegreeSideslip Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
TASFm/sAircraft True Airspeed, Fuselage
TASHCm/sAircraft True Airspeed, Humidity Corrected
TASRm/sAircraft True Airspeed, Radome
TASXm/sAircraft True Airspeed, Reference
TCNTD_LWIcountCDP Total Counts (all cells)
TCNTU_RWIcountUHSAS Total Counts (all cells)
THETAKPotential Temperature
THETAEKEquivalent Potential Temperature
THETAVKVirtual Potential Temperature
TTCdeg_CTTRL/TT_A Filter Adjusted Total Temperature
TTHR1Cdeg_CCorrected Total Temperature, Deiced Right
TTHR2Cdeg_CCorrected Total Temperature, Deiced Right
TTXdeg_CTotal Temperature, Reference
UFLWC_RWIvol cm3/sUHSAS Corrected Flow
UIm/sWind Vector, East Component
UICm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, East Component
UXm/sWind Vector, Longitudinal Component
UXCm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component
VEWCm/sGPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VIm/sWind Vector, North Component
VICm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, North Component
VNSCm/sGPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VYm/sWind Vector, Lateral Component
VYCm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Lateral Component
WDdegree_THorizontal Wind Direction
WDCdegree_TGPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Direction
WIm/sWind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WICm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WP3m/sDamped Aircraft Vertical Velocity
WSm/sHorizontal Wind Speed
WSCm/sGPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Speed
XMACH2noneAircraft Mach Number Squared
ZEROnoneConstant value of 0.
CVINLETnoneCVI Inlet Flag: 0=CVI, 1=ambient
FXFLOWSnoneCVI Flow Flag
CVCWCg/m3CVI condensed water content
CVRADµmCVI cut radius
CVCFACTnoneCVI concentration factor
CVFX5CvlpmCVI user flow 5 (Anderson SEM)
CVFX6CvlpmCVI user flow 6 (Anderson TEM)
CVFX7CvlpmCVI user flow 7 (DMT SP-2)
CVFX8CvlpmCVI user flow 8 (CSU IN)

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