Project # 2006-145 MIRAGE

Megacity Impacts on Regional And Global Environment

Principal Investigator(s):  Sasha Madronich, et al.

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

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Low-Rate Variable List from Production netCDF File

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Name Units Description
base_timeseconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000Start time of data recording.
Time seconds since 2006-03-04 18:20:00 +0000time of measurement
time_offset seconds since 2006-03-04 18:20:00 +0000Seconds since base_time.
A260X_RWI count260X Raw Accumulation (per cell)
ACINS m/s2Aircraft Vertical Acceleration
ADIFR mbarVertical Differential Pressure, Radome
ALT mIRS Baro-Inertial Altitude
AS100_RWO countFSSP-100 Raw Accumulation (per cell) - DMT
AS200_RPO countSPP-200 (PCASP) Raw Accumulation (per cell) - DMT
AS300_RPI countFSSP-300 Raw Accumulation (per cell) - DMT
BDIFR mbarHorizontal Differential Pressure, Radome
CNTEMP deg_CCN Counter Inlet Temperature
CNTS countTSI CN Counter Output
DPB deg_CDew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Bottom
DPT deg_CDew/Frost Point Temperature, Fuselage Top
DTB deg_CPyrgeometer Dome Temperature, Bottom
DTT deg_CPyrgeometer Dome Temperature, Top
FCN slpmRaw CN Counter Sample Flow Rate
FREF3_RPInoneSPP-300 Laser Reference Voltage
FREF_RWOnoneFSSP-100 Laser Reference Voltage
FRNG_RWO noneFSSP-100 Size Range Category
FTMP3_RPIdeg_CSPP-300 Housekeeping Data
FTMP_RWOdeg_CFSSP-100 Housekeeping Data
GGALT mGPS Geopotential Altitude
GGLAT degree_NGPS Latitude
GGLON degree_EGPS Longitude
GGNSATcountGPS Number of Satellites
GGSPDm/sGPS Ground Speed
GGTRKdegree_TGPS Track Angle
GGVEW m/sGPS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
GGVNS m/sGPS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
GSF m/sInertial Ground Speed
HGM232 mGeometric (Radar) Altitude (APN-232)
HGM232SnoneGeometric Altitude Status Monitor (APN-232)
IRB W/m2Raw Infrared Irradiance, Bottom
IRT W/m2Raw Infrared Irradiance, Top
LAT degree_NInertial Latitude
LON degree_EInertial Longitude
OVFLW_RWOcountSPP-100 AtoD Converter Overflow/Overrange
PCAB mbarInterior Cabin Static Pressure
PCN mbarCN Counter Inlet Pressure
PFLWS_RPOstd cm3/sSPP-200 Sheath Flow
PFLW_RPOstd cm3/sPCAS Flow
PHGB_RPOVSPP-200 High-Gain Baseline
PITCH degreeAircraft Pitch Angle
PLGB_RPOVSPP-200 Low-Gain Baseline
PLWC WRaw PMS-King Liquid Water Content Output
PMGB_RPOVSPP-200 Mid-Gain Baseline
PREF_RPOVPCAS Laser Reference Voltage
PSFD countRaw PSFD, Low-order word
PSFD1countRaw PSFD, Low-order word
PSFD2countRaw PSFD, High-order word
PSFRD mbarRaw Static Pressure, Fuselage (Ruska)
PTMP_RPOdeg_CPCAS Detector Temperature
QCF mbarRaw Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCFR mbarRaw Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage Right
QCR mbarRaw Dynamic Pressure, Radome
REJAT_RWOnoneSPP-100 Average Transit Rejected Particles
REJDOF_RWOcountParticles Rejected (Outside Depth-of-Field))
RICE VRaw Icing-Rate Indicator
ROLL degreeAircraft Roll Angle
RSTB1 deg_CRadiometric Surface Temperature
RSTT deg_CRadiometric Sky/Cloud-Base Temperature
STB deg_CPyrgeometer Sink Temperature, Bottom
STT deg_CPyrgeometer Sink Temperature, Top
SWB W/m2Shortwave Irradiance, Bottom
SWT W/m2Shortwave Irradiance, Top
THDG degree_TAircraft True Heading Angle
TKATdegree_TIRS Track Angle, True
TTRL deg_CTotal Temperature, Radome Left
TTRR deg_CTotal Temperature, Radome Right
TTWH deg_CTotal Temperature, Deiced Wing
UVB W/m2Ultraviolet Irradiance, Bottom
UVT W/m2Ultraviolet Irradiance, Top
VEW m/sInertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VNS m/sInertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VSPD m/sIRS-Computed Aircraft Vertical Velocity
XASAMPVASU Filter Sample Status
XCO2PBPtorrCarbon Dioxide Inlet Pressure
XCO2PRtorrCarbon Dioxide Ref. Cell Pressure
XCO2PSmbarCarbon Dioxide Sample Cell Pressure
XCOCELLtorrCarbon Monoxide Cell Pressure
XCOFCALsccmCarbon Monoxide Cal Gas Flow
XCOFSsccmCarbon Monoxide Sample Flow
XCOPINtorrCarbon Monoxide Inlet Pressure
XICN slpmCN Isokinetic Side Flow Rate
XUCN#/cm3U of H Ultra-fine CN Concentration
XUVHSVRaw RAF Fast Humidity Output
AKRD degreeAttack Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
AQRATIOnonePCOR Dependent Variable
ATRL deg_CAmbient Temperature, Radome Left
ATRR deg_CAmbient Temperature, Radome Right
ATWH deg_CAmbient Temperature, Deiced Wing
ATX deg_CAmbient Temperature, Reference
C260X_RWI #/L260X Concentration (per cell)
CONC3_RPI #/cm3FSSP-300 Concentration (all cells)
CONC6_RWI #/L260X Concentration (all cells)
CONCF_RWO #/cm3FSSP-100 Concentration (all cells)
CONCN #/cm3Condensation Nuclei (CN) Concentration
CONCP_RPO #/cm3PCAS Concentration (all cells)
CS100_RWO #/cm3FSSP-100 Concentration (per cell) - DMT
CS200_RPO #/cm3SPP-100 (PCASP) Concentration (per cell) - DMT
CS300_RPI #/cm3FSSP-300 Concentration (per cell) - DMT
DBAR3_RPI µmFSSP-300 Mean Particle Diameter
DBAR6_RWI µm260X Mean Particle Diameter
DBARF_RWO µmFSSP-100 Mean Particle Diameter
DBARP_RPO µmPCAS Mean Particle Diameter
DPBC deg_CDew Point Temperature, T-Electric Bottom
DPTC deg_CDew Point Temperature, T-Electric Top
DPXC deg_CDew Point Temperature, Reference
EDPC mbarAmbient Water Vapor Pressure, Reference
FCNC vlpmCorrected CN Counter Sample Flow Rate
GGALTC mCorrected GPS Altitude
IRBC W/m2Corrected Infrared Irradiance, Bottom
IRTC W/m2Corrected Infrared Irradiance, Top
LATC degree_NGPS-Corrected Inertial Latitude
LONC degree_EGPS-Corrected Inertial Longitude
MR gram/kgMixing Ratio, T-Electric
ONE noneConstant value of 1.
PALT mNACA Pressure Altitude
PALTF feetNACA Pressure Altitude
PFLWC_RPOvol cm3/sPCAS Corrected Flow
PLWC6_RWI gram/m3260X Water/Ice Content
PLWCC gram/m3Corrected PMS-King Liquid Water Content
PLWCF_RWO gram/m3FSSP-100 Water/Ice Content
PSFDC mbarCorrected Static Pressure, Fuselage Digital
PSURF mbarCalculated Surface Pressure
PSX mbarRaw Static Pressure, Reference
PSXC mbarCorrected Static Pressure, Reference
QCFC mbarCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCRC mbarCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Radome
QCX mbarRaw Dynamic Pressure, Reference
QCXC mbarCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Reference
REFF6_RWIµm260X Effective Radius
REFFF_RWOµmFSSP-100 Effective Radius
RHODT gram/m3Absolute Humidity, T-Electric Top
RHUM %Relative Humidity
SSRD degreeSideslip Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure
TASF m/sAircraft True Airspeed, Fuselage
TASHC m/sAircraft True Airspeed, Humidity Corrected
TASR m/sAircraft True Airspeed, Radome
TASX m/sAircraft True Airspeed, Reference
TCNT3_RPIcountFSSP-300 Total Counts (all cells)
TCNT6_RWIcount260X Total Counts (all cells)
TCNTF_RWOcountFSSP-100 Total Counts (all cells)
TCNTP_RPOcountPCAS Total Counts (all cells)
THETA KPotential Temperature
THETAE KEquivalent Potential Temperature
THETAV KVirtual Potential Temperature
TTWHC deg_CCorrected Total Temperature, Deiced Right
TTX deg_CTotal Temperature, Reference
UI m/sWind Vector, East Component
UIC m/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, East Component
UX m/sWind Vector, Longitudinal Component
UXC m/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component
VEWC m/sGPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VI m/sWind Vector, North Component
VIC m/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, North Component
VNSC m/sGPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VY m/sWind Vector, Lateral Component
VYC m/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Lateral Component
WD degree_THorizontal Wind Direction
WDC degree_TGPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Direction
WI m/sWind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WIC m/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WP3 m/sDamped Aircraft Vertical Velocity
WS m/sHorizontal Wind Speed
WSC m/sGPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Speed
XICNC vlpmCorrected CN Isokinetic Side Flow Rate
XMACH2 noneAircraft Mach Number Squared
ZERO noneConstant value of 0.

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