Project # 2006-145 MIRAGE

Megacity Impacts on Regional And Global Environment

Principal Investigator(s):  Sasha Madronich, et al.

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

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Aircraft Output Variable List

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Reference Variables
Description Units Name
Reference Altitude m - MSL GGALTC
Reference Ambient Temperature deg_C ATX
Reference Total Temperature deg_C TTX
Reference Ambient Static Pressure mbar PSXC
Reference Dew Point Temperature deg_C DPXC
Reference Corrected Dynamic Pressure mbar QCXC
Reference Raw Dynamic Pressure mbar QCX
Reference True Air Speed m/s TASX
Reference Liquid Water Content g/m3 PLWCC
GPS Corrected Inertial Latitude deg LATC
GPS Corrected Inertial Longitude deg LONC
GPS Corrected Horizontal Wind Speed m/s WSC
GPS Corrected Horizontal Wind Direction deg WDC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, East Component m/s UIC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, North Component m/s VIC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component m/s UXC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, Latitudinal Component m/s VYC
GPS Corrected Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component m/s WIC
GPS Corrected IRS Ground Speed Vector, East Component, m/s VEWC
GPS Corrected IRS Ground Speed Vector, North Component, m/s VNSC

Standard Variables
Description Units Name
GPS Latitude deg GGLAT
GPS Longitude deg GGLON
Corrected Static Pressure (digital) Fuselage mbar PSFDC
Cabin Pressure mbar PCAB
Ambient Temperature, Radome Right Side deg_C ATRR
Ambient Temperature: Radome Left Side deg_C ATRL
Ambient Temperature: Heated, Wing deg_C ATWH
Corrected Dew Point Temperature, Top Fuselage deg_C DPTC
Corrected Dew Point Temperature, Bot Fuselage deg_C DPBC
Inertial Horizontal Wind Speed, Radome m/s WS
Inertial Horizontal Wind Direction, Radome deg WD
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome East Component m/s UI
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome North Component m/s VI
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome Longitudinal Component m/s UX
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome Latitudinal Component m/s VY
Inertial Wind Vector, Radome Vertical Gust Component m/s WI
GPS Altitude : MSL m GGALT
Pressure Altitude : MSL m PALT
Pressure Altitude : MSL ft PALTF
Radar Altitude : AGL m HGM232
Potential Temperature K THETA
Equivalent Potential Temperature K THETAE
Absolute Humidity, Top g/m3 RHODT
Relative Humidity, Reference % RHUM
Mixing Ratio, Reference g/kg MR
Mixing Ratio, Laser Hygrometer g/kg MRLH
Radiometric Surface Temperature-2: Raw deg_C RSTB1
Radiometric Sky Temperature deg_C RSTT
Shortwave Irradiance, Top W/m2 SWT
Shortwave Irradiance, Bottom W/m2 SWB
Infrared Irradiance, Top W/m2 IRTC
Infrared Irradiance, Bottom W/m2 IRBC
Ultraviolet Irradiance, Top W/m2 UVT
Ultraviolet Irradiance, Bottom W/m2 UVB
TSI CN Particle Concentration (Sampling Size Range: 0.01 to 3 µm) n/cm3 CONCN
PCASP-200 Aerosol Particle Concentration (Sampling Size Range: 0.12 to 3.12 µm) n/cm3 CONCP_RPO
FSSP-300 Aerosol Particle Concentration (Sampling Size Range: 0.3 to 20 µm) n/cm3 CONC3_RPI
FSSP-100 Cloud Particle Concentration (Sampling Size Range: 3 to 45 µm) n/cm3 CONCF_RWO
260X Cloud Droplet Concentration (Sampling Size Range: 50 to 640 µm) n/l CONC6_RWI
PCASP-200 Mean Particle Diameter µm DBARP_RPO
FSSP-300 Mean Particle Diameter µm DBAR3_RPI
FSSP-100 Mean Particle Diameter µm DBARF_RWO
260X Mean Droplet Diameter µm DBAR6_RWI
FSSP-100 Water/Ice Content g/m3 PLWCF_RWO
Raw IRS Latitude deg LAT
Raw IRS Longitude deg LON
Aircraft True Heading deg THDG
Aircraft Roll Attitude Angle deg ROLL
Aircraft Pitch Attitude Angle deg PITCH
Aircraft IRS Vertical Velocity m/s VSPD
Damped Aircraft Vertical Velocity m/s WP3
IRS Ground Speed Vector, East Comp m/s VEW
IRS Ground Speed Vector, North Comp m/s VNS
IRS Ground Speed m/s GSF
GPS Ground Speed Vector, East Comp m/s GGVEW
GPS Ground Speed Vector, North Comp m/s GGVNS
GPS Ground Speed m/s GGSPD
Aircraft True Airspeed, Fuselage m/s TASF
Aircraft True Airspeed, Radome m/s TASR
Aircraft True Airspeed, Humidity Corrected m/s TASHC
Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Left Fuselage mbar QCFC
Corrected Dynamic Pressure, Radome mbar QCRC
Raw Dynamic Pressure, Left Fuselage mbar QCF
Raw Dynamic Pressure, Radome mbar QCR
Raw Dynamic Pressure, Right Fuselage mbar QCFR
Attack Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure deg AKRD
Sideslip Angle, Radome Diff. Pressure deg SSRD
Vertical Differential Pressure, Radome mbar ADIFR
Horizontal Differential Pressure, Radome mbar BDIFR
Raw Static Pressure, (digital) Fuselage mbar PSFD
Raw Static Pressure, Fuselage mbar PSFRD
Total Temperature, Radome Right deg_C TTRR
Total Temperature: Radome Left deg_C TTRL
Total Temperature: Heated, Wing deg_C TTWH
Raw Dew Point Temperature, Fuselage Top deg_C DPT
Raw Dew Point Temperature, Fuselage Bot deg_C DPB
Raw IR Irradiance, Top W/m2 IRT
Raw IR Irradiance, Bot W/m2 IRB
Top Pyrgeometer Dome Temp deg_C DTT
Top Pyrgeometer Sink Temp deg_C STT
Bottom Pyrgeometer Dome Temp deg_C DTB
Bottom Pyrgeometer Sink Temp deg_C STB
Raw Icing Rate Indicator Vdc RICE
Raw King Probe Liquid Water Content watts PLWC
TSI 3760 CN Counter Output N CNTS
TSI 3760 CN Counter Flow: Raw slpm FCN
TSI 3760 CN Counter Sampling Pressure mbar PCN
TSI 3760 CN Counter Sampling Temperature deg_C CNTEMP
TSI 3760 CN Counter Corrected Flow slpm FCNC

Specialty Variables
Description Units Name
RAF Fast Humidity Signal Vdc UVHS
RAF Carbon Monoxide Concentration ppb XCOMR
RAF Carbon Monoxide Sample Flow sccm XCOFS
RAF Carbon Monoxide Cal Flow sccm XCOFCAL
RAF Carbon Monoxide Cell Pressure torr XCOCELL
RAF Carbon Monoxide Inlet Pressure torr XCOPIN
RAF Carbon Dioxide Detector Signal Vdc XCO2MR
RAF Carbon Dioxide Inlet Pressure torr XCO2PBP
RAF Carbon Dioxide Sample Cell Pressure mbar XCO2PS
RAF Carbon Dioxide Ref. Cell Pressure torr XCO2PR

User Variables
Description Units Name
Univ. of Hawaii Heated CN Concentration n/cm3 XCNHOT
Univ. of Hawaii Unheated CN Concentration n/cm3 XCNCOLD
Univ. of Hawaii Ultra-fine CN Concentration n/cm3 XUCN
Univ. of Hawaii Raw Nephelometer Output Vdc XNEPH
ACD PTRMS Raw Detector Signal Vdc XPTRMS
Arizona State Univ. Filter Sample Status Vdc XASAMP

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