RWO RWO RWI RWI Rwb Rwb RICE RICE RPO RPO RPC RPC RPI RPI R_Pod R_Pod R_fuselage R_fuselage Rtemp Rtemp DPT DPT DPB DPB QCR QCR B_fuselage B_fuselage T_fuselage T_fuselage Radome Radome QCF QCF Unk1 Unk1 Unk2 Unk2 Ltemp Ltemp L_fuselage L_fuselage LWO LWO LWI LWI Lwb Lwb heated_temp heated_temp LPO LPO LPC LPC LPI LPI L_Pod L_Pod

Project # 2006-145 MIRAGE

Megacity Impacts on Regional And Global Environment

Principal Investigator(s):  Sasha Madronich, et al.

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

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External Instrument Configuration

Front view diagram showing instrument mounting locations,
      20080-byte gif
Right Side Fuselage Left Side
RWO SPP-100 R fuselage H2O2
Aerosol Community Inlet (SDI)
RWI PMS 260X Rtemp Rosemount 102E LWI  
Rwb   DPT General Eastern 1011B Lwb King LWC
RICE Rosemount 871 DPB General Eastern 1011B heated temp Rosemount 102
RPO SPP-200 QCR Rosemount 1221 LPO PVM-100
RPC   B fuselage Radiometers,
O3, WAS, EM Filters,
CN Counter
RPI SPP-300 T fuselage Radiometers LPI  
R pod TDL Radome wind gust L pod SABL
  QCF Rosemount 1221  
  Ltemp Rosemount 102E  
  L fuselage SICIMS,
Carbon Monoxide
RAF Prototype Fast Humidity
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