Project #2003-113 IDEAS Phase 3

Instrument Development and Education in Airborne Science

J. Stith, et al.

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

Summary of Calibration Factors

Pre-Calibration - 08/28/03
Variable (Units) Variable Name C1 C2 C3
Dynamic Pressure: Fuselage Left (mbar)QCF86.4008.603-.0004
Dynamic Pressure: Radome (mbar)QCR85.0008.632-.0008
Dynamic Pressure: Fuselage Right (mbar)QCFR68.4916.889-.0008
Total Temperature: Radome Right (C)TTRR-0.8165.993.0017
Total Temperature: Radome Left (C)TTRL-0.1425.987.0015
Total Temperature: Heated Wing (C)TTWH-1.3406.213-.0092
Remote Surface Temp. Bot. (C)RSTB-46.3008.852.1069
Remote Surface Temp. Bot. (C)RSTB1-45.1008.764.0976
Remote Surface Temp. Top. (C)RSTT-53.00010.526.0304
Downward Shortwave Irrad. (W/m2)SWT3995.400365.859-3.5422
Upward Shortwave Irrad. (W/m2)SWB2836.300280.590-.1522
Downward Infrared Irrad. (W/m2)IRT258.100137.332.0518
Upward Infrared Irrad. (W/m2)IRB499.000155.144.3442
IR Sink Temperature, top (C)STT-12.339-4.309.1700
IR Dome Temperature, top (C)DTT-12.051-4.304.1676
IR Sink Temperature, bottom (C)STB-12.617-4.303.1708
IR Dome Temperature, bottom (C)DTB-12.728-4.295.1716
Downward Ultraviolet Irrad. (W/m2)UVT73.4827.368-.0009
Upward Ultraviolet Irrad. (W/m2)UVB37.0023.679-.0010
Dew Point Temperature-Bottom (C)DPB0.1509.904.0009
Dew Point Temperature-Top (C)DPT0.8509.916-.0002
Vertical Press. Diff. Radome (mbar)ADIFR0.0445.152.0001
Horizontal Press. Diff. Radome(mbar)BDIFR0.0165.149.0001
Cabin Pressure (mbar)PCAB-3.310109.084-.0571
CN Inlet Pressure (mbar)PCN541.70054.275-.0073
CN Flow Rate (slpm)FCN0.0140.204-.0056
858 Probe Static Pressure (mbar)XPS508.50051.6110.1562
858 Probe Dynamic Pressure (mbar)XQC137.90013.8700.0020
858 Probe Vertical Press. Diff. (mbar)XADIF0.4576.893-.0020
858 Probe Horiz. Press. Diff. (mbar)XBDIF-0.3297.061-.0016

Calibration Maneuvers - 8/29/03 and 9/19/03

RAF uses sets of in-flight maneuvers specifically designed to help evaluate the performance of the 3-D wind measurement system on the aircraft. Sets of maneuvers were flown on two of the research flights: RF04 and RF10, respectively. In each case the variations observed fell within acceptable limits.

PMS - 1-D Probe Bin Sizes

A total of five optical particle probes were flow on the aircraft during the project: one standard NCAR PMS-SPP100 probe (SN-109); one modified PMS-SPP100 probe provided by GKSV (SN-128); one standard PMS 2D-C probe; one standard PMS 2D-P probe; and one SPEC 2D-HVPS probe. The three 2-D probes record actual two-dimensional images and do not require a specific calibration. Calibration data on the two 1-D probes are presented below. The end-point diameter droplet sizes (µm) for each sampling bin are listed.

PMS-1D Probe Bin Diameter (µm)
bin SPP109 (Range 0) SPP128 (Range 0)
#1 1.00 1.00
#2 2.70 2.20
#3 4.45 3.55
#4 6.20 4.90
#5 7.95 6.20
#6 9.70 7.55
#711.45 8.90

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