RWO RWO RWI RWI Rwb Rwb RICE RICE RPO RPO RPC RPC RPI RPI R_Pod R_Pod R_fuselage R_fuselage Rtemp Rtemp DPT DPT DPB DPB QCR QCR B_fuselage B_fuselage T_fuselage T_fuselage Radome Radome QCF QCF Unk1 Unk1 Unk2 Unk2 Ltemp Ltemp L_fuselage L_fuselage LWO LWO LWI LWI Lwb Lwb heated_temp heated_temp LPO LPO LPC LPC LPI LPI L_Pod L_Pod

Project #2003-113 IDEAS-3

Jeff Stith, et. al

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

First External Instrument Mounting Configuration
18 August 2003 through 11 September 2003
 view diagram showing instrument mounting locations, 20080-byte gif
Right Side Fuselage Left Side
RWO SCS R fuselage T-probe,
SCAI: Ice Nuclei, RDMA,
2 nephelometers, Climet
RWI CS&T Rtemp Rosemount 102E LWI 2D-P
Rwb King LWC DPT General Eastern 1011B Lwb King LWC
RICE Rosemount 871 DPB General Eastern 1011B heated temp Rosemount 102
RPO HVPS QCR Rosemount 1221 LPO S-100
RPC SHC B fuselage Radiometers,
858 Probe,
Trace gases,
CO2 (CU)
RPI CPI T fuselage Radiometers LPI CDP
R pod Ophir temperature, TDL, MCR Radome wind gust L pod Ophir temp., TDL, MCR
  QCF Rosemount 1221  
  Ltemp Rosemount 102E  
  L fuselage HTDMA, nephelometer, CN  
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