Project #2002-112 IDEAS Phase 2

Instrument Development and Education in Airborne Science

J. Stith, et al.

NSF/NCAR C-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

Variable descriptions missing from the netCDF header

Following are updated descriptions of some "No title" variables

name long_name units
XINLET Inlet Aerosol Selection Vdc
XN9ATX_1 Nephelometer #1 Air Temperature K
XN9ATX_2 Nephelometer #2 Air Temperature K
XN9BSCT_1 Nephelometer #1 Light Scattering Extinction Coeff. M-1
XN9BSCT_2 Nephelometer #2 Light Scattering Extinction Coeff. M-1
XN9CAL_1 Nephelometer #1 Calibration Gas M-1
XN9CAL_2 Nephelometer #2 Calibration Gas M-1
XN9PSX_1 Nephelometer #1 Pressure mbar
XN9PSX_2 Nephelometer #2 Pressure mbar
XN9RELA_1 Nephelometer #1 Relay Status none
XN9RELA_2 Nephelometer #2 Relay Status none
XN9RHUM_1 Nephelometer #1 Relative Humidity %
XN9RHUM_2 Nephelometer #2 Relative Humidity %
ACLMT_C1 Climet Optical Particle Counter - Array none
CCLMT_C1 Climet Optical Particle Counter Concentration N/cm3

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