Project #2001-181 DYCOMS-II

The Dynamics and Chemistry of Marine Stratocumulus, Phase II: Entrainment Studies

Bjorn Stevens, et al.

NSF/NCAR EC-130Q Hercules (N130AR)

High-Rate Aircraft Variable List from netCDF file

Name Units Description
base_timeseconds since 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000Start time of data recording.
Timeseconds since 2001-07-10 06:27:00 +0000time of measurement
time_offsetseconds since 2001-07-10 06:27:00 +0000Seconds since base_time.
CINBVGerber CIN Backscatter
CINCBVGerber CIN Cosine of Scattering Angle Times Backscatter
CINCFVGerber CIN Cosine of Scattering Angle Times Forward Scatter
CINFVGerber CIN Forward Scatter
DAYdayRaw Tape Date Component
GALTmGPS Altitude (MSL)
GLATdegree_NGPS Latitude
GLONdegree_EGPS Longitude
GVEWm/sGPS Ground Speed Vector, East Component
GVNSm/sGPS Ground Speed Vector, North Component
HGM232mGeometric (Radar) Altitude (APN-232)
MONTHmonthRaw Tape Date Component
PITCHdegreeAircraft Pitch Angle
ROLLdegreeAircraft Roll Angle
SHDORC_RWIcount2D-C Shadow OR Counts
SWBW/m2Shortwave Irradiance, Bottom
SWTW/m2Shortwave Irradiance, Top
THDGdegree_TAircraft True Heading Angle
TKATdegree_TIRS Track Angle, True
UFTPVPolish UFT-F Dynamic Pressure Fluctuations from Venturi or Pitot
UFTT1VPolish UFT-F Fast Temperature Fluctuations, Sensor 1
UFTT2VPolish UFT-F Fast Temperature Fluctuations, Sensor 2
UVBW/m2Ultraviolet Irradiance, Bottom
UVTW/m2Ultraviolet Irradiance, Top
VEWm/sInertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VLAVRaw Lyman-alpha Hygrometer Output
VLA1VRaw Lyman-alpha Hygrometer Output
VNSm/sInertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VSPDm/sIRS-Computed Aircraft Vertical Velocity
XGLWCgram/m3Gerber PVM-100 Probe Liquid Water Content
XGSFCcm2/m3Gerber PVM-100 Particle Surface Area (Raw)
YEARyearRaw Tape Date Component
AQRATIOnonePCORS Dependent Variable
ATRLdeg_CAmbient Temperature, Radome Left
ATRRdeg_CAmbient Temperature, Radome Right
ATTACKdegreeAttack Angle, Reference
ATXdeg_CAmbient Temperature, Reference
CINGnoneGerber CIN Asymmetry Parameter
CINSIG/kmGerber CIN Extinction Coefficient
CONC2C_RWI#/LSPP-100 Particle2D-C Concentration
CONC3_RPC#/cm3FSSP-300 Concentration (all cells)
CONC6_RWOdegree_T260X Concentration (all cells)
CONCF_LPI#/cm3FSSP-100 Concentration (all cells)
CONCN#/cm3Condensation Nuclei (CN) Concentration
CONCP_RPO#/cm3PCAS Concentration (all cells)
DBAR3_RPCµmFSSP-300 Mean Particle Diameter
DBAR6_RWOµm260X Mean Particle Diameter
DBARF_LPIµmFSSP-100 Mean Particle Diameter
DBARP_RPOµmPCAS Mean Particle Diameter
DBZ6_RWOdBZ260X Calculated Reflectivity
DBZF_LPIdBZFSSP-100 Calculated Reflectivity
DISP6_RWOnone260X Dispersion (sigma/dbarx)
DISPF_LPInoneFSSP-100 Dispersion (sigma/dbarx)
DISPP_RPOnonePCAS Dispersion (sigma/dbarx)
DPLA1deg_CDew Point Temperature, Lyman-alpha
DPXCdeg_CDew Point Temperature, Reference
EDPCmbarAmbient Water Vapor Pressure, Reference
IRBCW/m2Corrected Infrared Irradiance, Bottom
IRTCW/m2Corrected Infrared Irradiance, Top
LATCdegree_NGPS-Corrected Inertial Latitude
LONCdegree_EGPS-Corrected Inertial Longitude
MRgram/kgMixing Ratio, T-Electric
MRLAgram/kgMixing Ratio, Lyman-alpha
MRLA1gram/kgMixing Ratio, Lyman-alpha
ONEnoneConstant value of 1.
PALTmNACA Pressure Altitude
PLWC6_RWOgram/m3260X Water/Ice Content
PLWCCgram/m3Corrected PMS-King Liquid Water Content
PLWCC1gram/m3Corrected PMS-King Liquid Water Content
PLWCF_LPIgram/m3FSSP-100 Water/Ice Content
PSXCmbarCorrected Static Pressure, Reference
PVOL3_RPCcm3/m3SPP-300 Equivalent Volume
PVOLP_RPOcm3/m3SPP-200 (PCASP) Equivalent Volume
QCFCmbarCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Fuselage
QCRCmbarCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Radome
QCXCmbarCorrected Dynamic Pressure, Reference
RHLA1%Relative Humidity, Lyman-alpha
RHODTgram/m3Absolute Humidity, T-Electric Top
RHOLAgram/m3Absolute Humidity, Lyman-alpha
RHOLA1gram/m3Absolute Humidity, Lyman-alpha
RHUM%Relative Humidity
SSLIPdegreeSideslip Angle, Reference
TASHCm/sAircraft True Airspeed, Humidity Corrected
TASRm/sAircraft True Airspeed, Radome
TASXm/sAircraft True Airspeed, Reference
THETAKPotential Temperature
THETAEKEquivalent Potential Temperature
THETAVKVirtual Potential Temperature
TTXdeg_CTotal Temperature, Reference
UICm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, East Component
UXCm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Longitudinal Component
VEWCm/sGPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, East Component
VICm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, North Component
VNSCm/sGPS-Corrected Inertial Ground Speed Vector, North Component
VYCm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Lateral Component
WDCdegree_TGPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Direction
WIm/sWind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WICm/sGPS-Corrected Wind Vector, Vertical Gust Component
WP3m/sDamped Aircraft Vertical Velocity
WSCm/sGPS-Corrected Horizontal Wind Speed
XGRFFµmGerber PVM-100 Effective Droplet Radius

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