The DYCOMS II experiment was conducted over the Pacific Ocean, ~200 miles SW of San Diego, during July 2001.  The MCR was deployed aboard the NCAR/NSF C-130Q during all 10 research flights, with data recorded on Channels 1,3,4,5, and 6.

The following images are preliminary, calibrated radiances, with pitch-roll correction applied.

tf02, channel 7
rf01, channel 1
rf01, channel 4
rf01, channel 6
rf02, channel 4
rf02, channel 5
rf03, channel 4
rf04, channel 4
rf05, channel 4
rf06, channel 4
rf08, channel 1
rf08, channel 5

Processed DYCOMS II MCR data:  A list of processed MCR files can be found here.  Please contact the RAF Data Manager for data availability.

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