Summary of Daily Weather
Date Being Summarized:  27 May 1995

The strong trough that dug into the southern Rockies yesterday ejected into
the Nation's midsection and closed off over the upper Midwest on 27 May (Sat).  
Overnight convection exited most of the VORTEX area by Saturday morning, 
allowing ample time for heating and recovery of the airmass.  In fact, a warm 
front that sat across southern OK and northwestern TX for most of Friday lifted 
north into KS and MO by early morning Saturday as a surface low took shape over 
western KS.  The dry line, which was not very strong but was present nonethe-
less, punched east across all but the eastern parts of the VORTEX area during 
the afternoon. Surface winds veered to southwesterly across many areas ahead
of the dry line, while the strongest part of the upper trough lifted across
northwest KS into Nebraska during the day. The resultant lack of forcing, either
aloft or at low levels, is probably why little or no convection developed in
the warm sector across eastern parts of VORTEX. Some cold-core convection
developed over the northwest half of the area during the day, but deep convection
ended up developing well east and northeast of the eastern border of the VORTEX
area.  This included several strong tornadoes, described as 1/4 to 1/2 mile
wide in several cases in IA.  The evolution of events was fairly close to the
excellent forecast made that morning by the VORTEX forecasters, which high-
lighted two areas for potential development:  One in eastern KS, and another
potential area in eastern or southeastern OK into northeastern TX.  The two
areas just developed a little farther northeast than expected (Iowa and western
AR).   Branick