Summary of Daily Weather
Date Being Summarized:  Mon 22 May 1995  Times UTC

Tstms dvlpd arnd 1915 n and w of ama.  This actvty rmnd high-based (laminar) and
multicellular for about an hr.  The stms underwent explosive dvlpmt and formed
mesocyclones with two tornadoes arnd 2015 as they moved e to the vcnty of a n/s
radar ln (clear air mode) about 20e ama.  This bndry may have marked the wrn
edge of a deep mstr axis that reached nnwwd fm cntrl tx.  The stms turned se
shrtly thereafter.

After about an hr, the srn-most storms in the ern tx pnhdl consolidated into a
supercell that never spawned a tornado but did produce lrg hail (up to
softball size) ovr a considerable pd of time (rufly 2245 thru 0230).  This stm
was intercepted by Vortex crews.  A new stm which dvlpd arnd 0100 nw of the
existing stm moved se alg a bndry left by the first one.  The latter stm
produced two tornadoes before moving se into ok and dissipating n of lts.   

A separate area of tstms formed in cntrl ks invof a synoptic-scale cdfnt durg
the mid aftn.  These stms spawned hail and a few tornadoes ltr in the day.