Summary of Daily Weather
  Date Being Summarized:  12 MAY 1995
  Two short wave troughs were moving through a longwave trough in the western U.S.
  with the first associated with morning convection over KS.  As that convection
  moved out of KS and dissipated, it left behind an outflow boundary.  A dryline
  in eastern CO was moving into western KS during the day, bringing high lapse 
  rates (as seen in the H700-H500 delta-ts) into KS over moderately high low-level
  moisture, with significant helicity in the wind profiles.  Convection developed
  in the early afternoon in northwestern KS, out of which emerged a single super-
  cell storm that tracked eastward roughly along Interstate-70 across a large por-
  tion of KS.  The cap restrained any convection further south, so this supercell
  was isolated and intense.  VORTEX field operations were conducted on the storm,
  which produced several reported tornadoes ... VORTEX teams saw only one possible
  brief touchdown.