Summary of Daily Weather
Date Being Summarized:  29 April 1995

The shortwave trough in the central southern plains continued to move slowly
eastward, and the MCS boundary continued to push slowly southward.  The cool
northerly flow associated with the cold front gradually overspread most of OK
and pushed well south of the TX panhandle.  A weak surface low was present where
the boundary merged with the front/dryline, and this feature continued to move
eastward  during the night, leaving an east-west oriented boundary south of the
Red River and 

The early morning convection, left over from the previous night's heavy rain
event mostly dissipated, but did continue eastward out of the ops area early in
the afternoon.  New convection began around 1700 CDT and quickly evolved
into supercells, with the first storm developing north of the Red River and then
crossing Lake Texoma, on the south side of which awaited the VORTEX armada.
Other supercells were in the vicinity of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.  Num-
erous severe weather reports were in the SELS rough log, including one tornado
near Sherman, TX with the storm the VORTEX teams sampled ... they did not see a
tornado but gathered lots of data on the HP supercell.