Summary of Daily Weather
Date Being Summarized:  19 April 1995

The vigorous short wave trough started out in AZ at 12Z and moved rapidly across
NM and into western TX by 00Z.  This brought strong wind fields in the mid and
upper troposphere across the moisture and instability in central and north TX.
The moisture return began early in the morning, as the southerly low-level jet
strengthened overnight.  In central and north TX, the presence of a surface-
based cool pool meant the moisture was overriding this cool surface air.  During
the day, this cool air was very slow to move back northward in spite of the ad-
vancing system.  As the trough moved into the area, its structure was rather
complex, with new convection developing well ahead of the major system over the
cool pool at the surface.  To the west, as the trough approached, the cold front
began to overtake the dry line, with considerable blowing dust in the cold air.

As the cold front/dry line approached from the west, the zone of surface-based
deep moisture was caught between the advancing features to the west and the cool
pool to the east, resulting in a gradually narrowing band of deep surface-based
moisture.  A narrow tongue of high lapse rates was being carried into north TX
from the southwest out of old Mexico.

Convection was widespread, developing first as elevated storms over the cool
pool at the surface, then along the western boundary of the cool air over the 
high plains of west TX, then along the dry line. A number of relatively isolated
supercells were seen and as the major trough moved out, a squall line developed
along it.  Numerous tornadoes were reported in north TX, including some in the
Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with both the early, elevated storms and with the 
later developments as the system advanced.  There are 27 tornadoes reported in
the rough SELS log, including some scattered hither and yon outside the VORTEX
ops area.  Apparently, none were especially damaging, long-tracked, or intense.
As the fast-moving storms moved into the relatively stable air north of the cool
pool boundary, most of them lost their supercell character, although a major 
cell that crossed the Red River late in the day seemed not to mind overriding
the cool air.  A very interesting, if frustrating event day, in general.