Summary of Daily Weather
Date Being Summarized:  17 April 1995

A vigorous shortwave trough was lifting out across the southern plains during
the day, with considerable low-level moisture and moderate instability present.
An MCS developed during the early morning hours over western and central OK and
this reinforced a cold air surge across much OK during the morning.  The surface
boundary finally slowed down, ending up NE-SW across central OK.  This boundary
began to return northward as the vigorous trough approached from the west.  A
clear slot pushed northeastward from west TX towards SPS and vicinity.  The mid-
tropospheric lapse rates were only moderate, with delta-t's of around 20C.  By 
00Z, the center of the shortwave had closed off over northeastern CO and the
surface system was beginning to deepen rapidly.

Convection developed around 1434 CDT with the first severe report (a tornado!)
at about 1615 CDT.  Initial storms began in north TX and eventually moved across
the Red River.  Other significant storms developed in northeastern OK as a cont-
inuation of the early morning convection.  There was considerable severe acti-
vity, but the best storm was a supercell (apparently of the HP sort) that was 
long-lived, moving fron north TX into eastern OK.  VORTEX field operations were
in operation as they intercepted the storm in TX and collected data on a tornado
near Temple, OK.