May 17, 1995

Vortex NCAR Aircraft Mission #9

Takeoff time - 1919 UTC
Landing Time - 0053 UTC


Target area was north of Oklahoma City. The Electra flew over Kingfisher and Enid before at 12,000' for a radar calibration before heading southeast toward Shawnee. Finding no convective towers of interest, both the P-3 and Electra flew back toward Kingfisher to intercept a strong echo that was located south of the city. We descended to 1000' AGL to set up a race track pattern on the storm 2020. Hook echoes were noted on the nose radar and mesocyclones were reported by the ground teams on this storm. Both the P-3 and Electra remained on the storm until 2246 UTC.
A new storm located south of Tulsa was chosen and the Electra arrived at that location at approximately 2315 UTC. Data collection continued until 0007 when operations were terminated.
The flight level data had minor intermidiate problems during the flight. It should be fixed before the next mission.

Roger Wakimoto