May 16, 1995

Vortex NCAR Aircraft Mission #8

Takeoff time - 2006 UTC
Landing Time - 0237 UTC


Target area was western Kansas. The Electra flew over Kingfisher and Enid at 12,000'. After crossing the Oklahoma/Kansas border, the Electra headed northwest over Medicine Lodge before descending and heading west at 1000' AGL. An INIT box was flown centered at 37.1 and 99.6 degrees in coordination with the P-3. After one box pattern was flown a decision to fly to the cold front south of Garden City was made. The aircraft immediately encountered cumulus congestus and set up Doppler legs on an intense storm south of Garden City. Initially, the Electra was at 1000' AGL while the P-3 flew at a much higher level. An intense wall cloud and a short-lived tornado were seen by the crew. Both aircraft followed the intense storm across the state.
Operations were terminated at 0133 UTC. Subsequently, the Electra departed the area just before a large tornado was sighted by the ground armada.

Roger Wakimoto