Mission Summary 5/3


VORTEX targeted NW TX. Upon arriving in the vicinity of Seymour at about 19Z, the NSSL4 M-CLASS team obtained a sounding that was essentially uncapped, had large CAPE and SREH. We expected supercell initiation in that area. However, the only clouds showing vertical development were slightly behind the dryline. Our mobile mesonet showed that cooler air behind a NW-SE warm front just to our east was advancing westward to the dryline, removing the narrow sector of high-CAPE air ahead of the dryline. VORTEX continued advancing south and east with the remnant warm sector, until we reached MWL. Several teams assisted with storm (non-)initiation studies in conjunction with the NOAA P-3 aircraft.
The only severe storms on 3 May formed in SW OK, in a very small region where CAPE had been restored due to dissipation of low clouds. VORTEX is interested in determining if any of these storms had discernible cloud-base level rotation (one observer reported that there was none; if you observed rotation, please email me).

Erik Rasmussen
Jerry Straka

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