VORTEX Communications Summary

Kellerville, TX, tornado; 8 June 1995

In this summary, important information communicated over the VORTEX VHF frequency is summarized. A few vital transmissions are quoted.
All distances are in miles unless otherwise noted. Times are in UTC.
[gap] indicates that NOAA-43 internal communications made it impossible to discern the VHF radio traffic.
Windspeeds and motions in knots.
Editor's comments are in parentheses ().

Note that the VORTEX armada did not arrive on this storm until after it produced its first three tornadoes, and the Kellerville tornado had already begun.
It started near McLean, TX. The research aircraft were on this storm earlier.

Also note that there are many gaps in the record owing to internal communications onboard NOAA43. These are NOT noted in the log every time they occur.


BD      Blowing Dust
BWER	Bounded Weak-Echo Region
CG      Cloud-to-ground lightning
DV      Differential velocity observed on WSR-88D
FC      Field Coordinator
FM      Farm-to-Market road
GTG	Gate-To-Gate velocity differential on WSR-88D
MT	Radar-indicated maximum storm tops
N1      NSSL-1
N2      NSSL-2
N4      NSSL-4
N43     NOAA-43
N43I    NOAA-43 internal communication channel
RFB     Rain-Free Base
RFD	Rear-Flank Downdraft
R1..R2  R1 is OU radar teams, R2 is Mobile Radar
WC      Wall Cloud
88D		NEXRAD WSR-88D radar

Time Src Communication

hhmmss 000128 N43 A new hook has formed on a storm 10 NNW of Alanreed, TX 0159 T1 "Stovepipe tornado" is due W 0215 FC Tornado est pos is 1 SE Kellerville 0229 P2 Reports tornado [gap] 0307 P2 Tornado ~ az 240 from river bridge 0321 FC Tornado ~ 3 ESE Kellerville near the jct of FM2475 and FM2472 0340 N43 Hook at tornado location 0350 308D large tornado visible 0516 FC Recommend turtle deployment at the bend in FM3104 0545 P2 Tornado az due SW 0605 P2 Loc 395-382 0624 T2 Tornado az 330 0652 FC Tornado est position is 2 E Kellerville 0733 P2 Tornado az 240 0748 FC Tornado is 1.5 SE Kellerville 0840 P2 Another funnel visible NNW of main tornado (this funnel is eventually absorbed into the main tornado as shown on video). 0905 T2 Tornado 340 1010 FC Core is 2 SE Mobeetie 1110 N43 Asc on end of hook 1120 FC Forecasts tornado to cross curve in road just SE of Mobeetie, +/- 2 miles. 1140 T2 Tornado az 360 (est distance 1 mile) 1150 FC Informs T2 that tornado is really ~ 3 miles away 1155 T2 Estimates no more than 1.5 miles away 1250 P2 At 430-358, tornado at az [gap] 1301 FC High-confidence position est for tornado: 2.5 due SW of the bend in FM3104 1335 FC Forecast to cross just north of the bend in 3104 1355 N4 1/2 from intersection; agree with projection 1430 P2 Forward motion is increasing; at az 255 1455 P2 Tornado az 260 from 430-359; small hail 1505 FC Tornado 1.5 WSW of bend in 3104; large tornado; moving from 215 degrees. 1540 FC Forecast tornado to cross midway between Wheeler and Mobeetie on TX152. 1650 P2 At 430-351; tornado seems to be getting closer; az 270 1718 FC Tornado 0.5 W of FM3104 bend. 1740 FC Forecast that it will cross within the first 2 miles N of the bend, then cross TX152 midway between Mobeetie and Wheeler. 1740 N43i Accident on NCAR Electra 1915 P2 Tornado az 295 [many gaps] 1935 FC Tornado is becoming rain-wrapped 2020 FC Tornado 2 NNE of the FM3104 bend 2135 P2 At 430-289; tornado mainly obscured at az 300. (after becoming rain-wrapped SE of Mobeetie, TX, this tornado was abandoned and the VORTEX armada proceeded east to the Wheeler/Briscoe area to intercept the next vortex in the cyclic series)
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