VORTEX Communications Summary

Allison, TX, tornado; 8 June 1995

In this summary, important information communicated over the VORTEX VHF frequency is summarized. A few vital transmissions are quoted.
All distances are in miles unless otherwise noted. Times in UTC.
[gap] indicates that NOAA-43 internal communications made it impossible to discern the VHF radio traffic.
Windspeeds and motions in knots.
Editor's comments are in parentheses ().

Note that there are many gaps in the record owing to internal communications onboard NOAA43. These are NOT noted in the log every time they occur.


BD      Blowing Dust
BWER	Bounded Weak-Echo Region
CG      Cloud-to-ground lightning
DV      Differential velocity observed on WSR-88D
FC      Field Coordinator
FM      Farm-to-Market road
GTG	Gate-To-Gate velocity differential on WSR-88D
MT	Radar-indicated maximum storm tops
N1      NSSL-1  (Mobile CLASS van 1-4)
N2      NSSL-2
N4      NSSL-4
N43     NOAA-43
N43I    NOAA-43 internal communication channel
RFB     Rain-Free Base
RFD	Rear-Flank Downdraft
R1..R2  R1 is OU radar teams, R2 is Mobile Radar
WC      Wall Cloud
88D	NEXRAD WSR-88D radar

Time Src Communication

hhmmss 004040 P2 Funnel; definite WC 4100 P2 Brief tornado at az 245; good WC 4150 FC Very low WC is 1E, 5S Briscoe; forecast to cross FM1046 6 E Briscoe 4225 P2 Condensation 1/2 way to ground. 4240 R2 Tornado SW of Briscoe (different meso) 4325 P2 WC az 245 4355 N4 WC az 255 (est 6 mi) 4435 P2 WC 240; rapid rotation 4445 FC 88D showing meso 1 SE Briscoe (different meso) 4500 ? "Where's the damn tornado?" 4535 FC Large lowered base 6 SSE Briscoe 4623 FC 88D shows meso near Briscoe 4700 FC Inflow has increased; now 35-40 kt 4735 N43 Hook 6 SSE Briscoe 4804 FC Four hooks on 88D: 5-6 SSE Briscoe, over Briscoe, W of New Mobeetie, and NW of the latter 4819 P2 Lowered base with rapid rotation az 265 4835 P2 At 551-112 tornado just touched down; lifted; az 260 deg 4920 FC Circ is 6-7 SW Allison, moving toward Allison 4945 T2 WC; back edge at az 170 5005 FC Circ is +/- 2 miles from 6.5 due SW Allison; moving NE 5120 FC RFD now on SE side of WC 5130 FC Very low WC 5 SW Allison 5145 P3 Marble hail; strong N winds 5214 P2 Large tornado just formed at az 290 5239 P2 Tornado at az 300 5247 FC Tornado 4 SW Allison 5300 T2 Wind 325/44 5330 T2 Large tornado az 180 5400 N43 Hook/asc w/tornado 5405 FC Tornado 4 SW Allison mvg NE 5410 P2 Tornado az 315 from 545-112 5425 P9 Tornado az 325 5437 FC Tornado is moving toward Allison from 225 5454 P3 50 kt inflow sustained 5505 FC Tornado 3 SE of P3 5532 T2 Tornado az 200 5545 FC Tornado 3 SW Allison 5548 P2 At 553-112; Tornado az 335 5617 FC Tornado 2.5 SW Allison [gap] 5706 FC Tornado 1.5 SW Allison 5730 N43 MT 19 km 5804 FC Tornado diameter >~ 1 mile; 1 SW Allison 5828 P2 At 564-112; tornado az 350 5850 T1 Tornado east from loc of 605-144 5905 FC Tornado forecast to cross 1 W Allison 5945 FC Tornado now moving north 0015 FC Tornado slowing 0110 T1 Tornado az 070 0130 FC Tornado 1.5 WNW of Allison moving due N 0205 T2 Tornado SW from loc 633-111 0228 FC Tornado 300/1.5 from Allison 0235 C1 Tornado (south edge) over hiway to the east 0240 FC Tornado estimated to be > 1 mile diameter 0250 P2 82 kt gust from west 0300 N43 Donut-asc on hook (4 south of...) Allison 0310 FC Refutes above location 0325 P3 Tornado just NE, with satellite subvortices external to main tornado 0340 FC Tornado 1.5 NW of Allison 0104 R2 Other tornadoes in existence vcnty Briscoe 0450 R1 Tornado az 300 from west side of Allison; roaring 0515 P2 New funnel az 045 from 581-112 (reports anticyclonic, but I suspect it was new cyclic cyclonic development) 0545 P2 Tornado az 350 0645 P3 Tornado crossed 1.5 W of Allison; major damage 0700 FC New very low WC NE of Allison 0740 C1 Tornado north (est 0.5 miles) 0800 T2 Tornado SW (est 1-2 miles) 0810 FC Tornado nearly stationary 0900 T2 Rain curtains have obscured the tornado 1025 FC Cancels operations owing to darkness. ***************END OF COMM LOG ******************** Return to Case Study Page