June 3, 1995

Vortex NCAR Aircraft Mission #14

Takeoff time - 1915 UTC
Landing Time - 0207 UTC


Target area was along a line from Childress to Lubbock. The Electra departed at 10,000' for Hobart and Frederick before heading west in search of the dryline. The dryline was encountered just east of Plainview at 2033 UTC. A box pattern was flown around the dryline and a cold air outflow boundary. The boundary-layer study was terminated at 2202 UTC as an intense storm formed northwest of Hereford. Approximately 6 passes were flown by the storm before a deciison was reached at 2302 UTC to vector to storms initiating along the dryline. Race track patterns were flown until 0127 UTC before operations were terminated.

Roger Wakimoto