A mid-tropospheric shrtwv trof mvd acrs OK and wrn n TX drg the day, 
with a band of stg upr lvl winds ... arnd 100 kts at 250 mb ... from the nw 
passing ovr wrn n TX, where it interacted with an outflow bndry left behind 
by the MCS that dvlpd the nite before and a strngthng dryln.  The outflow 
bndry had backed the low lvl winds nr the Red River so the wind profile 
had stg veering w/hgt.  Hi lapse rates in sw TX combined with the abundant 
mstr rtrng in the backed low lvl flow caused by the MCS outflow gave large 
CAPES (on the order of 4500 J/kg).  Deep cnvctn dvlpd sw of SPS and 
produced svrl tornadoes.  By 00Z the shrtwv trof was mvg ahd of the 
cnvctn which was dvlpg into another nocturnal MCS and mvg ssewd
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