One of the more succesful days so far for VORTEX, as at least the field 
teams got to a rotating storm.  Overall, the upper pattern was less than ideal 
- a cutoff over central CA (the south part of a developing double-vortex 
block) and a shortwave dropping SE through the northern Plains.  A 
shortwave ridge was located over CO-NM, with westerly flow aloft across 
the VORTEX area.  Low levels seemed to make this day, though, with a 
front sagging into the panhandles and a well-defined moist axis roughly 
from CRP to DFW to between PNC and BVO.  Earlier convection left an e-
w boundary across southeastern KS, which intersected the front near the 
central KS/OK border late in the day.  Strong points were instability and 
low-level forcing,  resulting an the target area focusing on southeastern KS.  
Initial development did occur near the boundaries across southeastern KS, 
but a lone storm fired over Kay county and became the focus for operations.  
Mesoscale and storm-scale features most  certainly will be worthy of 
revisiting  for this case.

Branick 5/16/94
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