SYNOPSIS FOR:  04/26/94 - VORTEX-94

Surface dryline became nearly stationary acrs OK drg day, with some 
eastward mvmt in NErn OK, and even some westward movement in SWrn 
OK.  Subtle shortwave trof moved out of NM drg the morning and dvlpd 
convection near ABI which dissipated but new storms re-dvlpd late in 
morning and contd to intnsfy drg erly aftn.  Deep sfc low to north in IA 
pulled down very cold air for this time of year and cold front began to push 
southward acrs KS.  ETA model did a very good job of focusing attn to S 
cntrl OK and N TX, where sig outbreak of supercells w/tornadoes dvlpd.  
High CAPEs and moderate helicities fcst by models very well, also.  
Another stg shortwave trough mvg into AZ drg morning contd to move 
eastward through the broad longwave trof in the west.  
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