SYNOPSIS FOR:  04/14/94 - VORTEX-94

Major development of the short wave trough in the northern plains 
occurred, with strong anticyclonic development on the west coast.  The 
surface cyclone consolidated in northern Kansas and signficant surface 
frontogenesis occurred, with the cold front surging through Kansas late in 
the evening and across much of Oklahoma during the night.  The dryline 
underwent some interesting structural changes during the afternoon, as seen 
in the Oklahoma Mesonet (and in the WSR-88D clear air mode), with some 
pretty clear evidence of complex mesoscale structure.  The unstable lapse 
rates and good low level moisture were not tapped during the day, because 
it appears the cap was just strong enough.  The maintenance of the cap 
could be seen in the special 18Z soundings and the routine soundings at 00Z 
on the 15th give pretty clear evidence that the erosion of the cap was nearly 
complete by that time, but the expected convection just couldn't quite get 
started in Oklahoma along the dryline.  Hodographs also looked quite 
favorable in the eastern half of Oklahoma and Kansas during the evening.  
Strong convection with tornadoes finally developed after dark in eastern 
Kansas and Missouri, as the cold front rolled across Kansas, and continued 
to be severe through the night.


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