3rd VOCALS Science Meeting

March 21-23 2011, University of Miami


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Monday 21st March

09:00-10:00: Plenary Session: Welcome and VOCALS Status

09:00-09:10:       Mechoso, C. R. and R Wood:     Welcome  

09:10-09:30:       Wood, R. and C. R. Mechoso:    Summary of VOCALS, meeting goals and organization 

09:30-09:45:       Bretherton, C.: A synthesis of published VOCALS studies on marine boundary layer and cloud structure along 20°S
09:45-10:00:       Coe, H.: A synthesis of studies on particulate composition in the VOCALS-REx region


10:00-10:30:       BREAK

10:30-12:00: THEME 1: PBL and Clouds 

            10:30-10:45:      Brenguier, J:  Optical thickness and liquid water path:  k coefficient aerosol/cloud/radiation

            10:45-11:00:      Berner, A:  LES Modeling of VOCALS RF06:  Dynamics, Entrainment, and Microphysical Feedbacks

            11:00-11:15:      Leon, D:  Drizzle and mesoscale organization in SEP stratocumulus

            11:15-11:30:      Brewer, A:  Characterization of sub-cloud vertical velocity distributions and precipitation-driven outflow dynamics using a ship-based, scanning Doppler lidar during VOCALS-REx          

            11:30-11:45:      De Szoeke, S:  Vertical structure and surface radiative effects of marine stratocumulus clouds from 7 years of ship observations

            11:45-12:00       Poster summaries (Bretherton, Zuidema, Wilcox)


12:00-13:00:       LUNCH AND POSTER VIEWING

13:00-15:00: THEME 1: PBL and Clouds

13:00-13:15:       Fairall, C:  Cloud microphysics and turbulence from the PSD Wband Radar and the CSD Lidar

13:15-13:30:       Mechem, D:  Numerical simulation of heavily drizzling cloud regimes in VOCALS

13:30-13:45:       Yuter, S:  Observations of the life cycle of marine stratocumulus drizzle cells

13:45-14:00:       Burleyson, C.: Observations of the diurnal cycle of marine stratocumulus clouds and precipitation

14:00-14:15:       Zheng, X:  Boundary layer, cloud, and aerosol variability in the southeast Pacific coastal marine stratocumulus during VOCALS-REx

14:15-14:30        Theme 1 Discussion

14:30-14:45:       Theme 1 Discussion

14:45-15:00:       Theme 1 Discussion


15:00-15:30:       BREAK

15:30-17:30: THEME 2: Gases, Aerosols and Cloud Related Processes

            15:30-15:45:      Clarke, A:  Aerosol Dynamics over the VOCALS region:  Sources, Entrainment, Nucleation and CCN

            15:45-16:00:      Anderson, J: Transport and mixing of polluted aerosols above and below cloud during VOCALS-REx from an individual-particle perspective

            16:00-16:15:      Huebert, B:  DMS as an integrator of dynamic, chemical, and biological processes during VOCALS

            16:15-16:30:      Kazil, J:  Chemical, aerosol, and cloud processes in closed and open cells

            16:30-16:45:      George, R:  Using WRF-Chem to understand interactions between synoptic and microphysical variability during VOCALS

            16:45-17:00:      Yang, Q:  Investigating impacts of aerosols on marine stratocumulus clouds observed during VOCALS-REx using WRF-Chem simulations

            17:00-17:15:      Poster Summaries (Matrai, Clarke for Shank, Clarke for Freitag)         

            17:15-17:30:      Poster Summaries (Gadian (1), Terai (1), Terai (2))


Tuesday 22nd March

08:30-10:00: Theme 2. Gases, Aerosols and Cloud Related Processes

08:30-08:45:       Wood, R.: Precipitation as a driver of cloud droplet concentration variability along 20°S

08:45-09:00        Brunke, M:  Investigations of aerosol-cloud-precipitation processes in observations and models at The University of Arizona

09:00-09:15        Jensen, J:  Variability of giant sea-salt aerosol particles during the VOCALS campaign   

09:15-09:30:       Painemal, D:  Remote sensing investigation of the first aerosol indirect effect during VOCALS-REx

             09:30-09:45        Spak, S: Simulating aerosol radiative forcing and impacts on marine stratocumulus

09:45-10:00        Poster Summaries (Goubanova , Gadian (1), Gadian (2))


10:00-10:30:       BREAK

10:30-12:00: Theme 2. Gases, Aerosols and Cloud Related Processes

            10:30-10:45:       Theme 2 Discussion

            10:45-11:00:       Theme 2 Discussion

            11:00-11:15:       Theme 2 Discussion

10:30-12:00: Theme 3. Upper Ocean Physics and Biology. Eddies, Air-Sea Interaction

11:15-11:30:       Putrashan, D:  SST-wind stress coupling and impact of mesoscale SST features on atmospheric boundary layer off the coast of Peru and Chile

11:30-11:45:       Subramanian, A.: Results from data assimilation experiments and adjoint sensitivity studies in the South East Pacific.

11:45-12:00:       Poster Summaries (Bretherton for Wang, Holte)


12:00-13:00:       LUNCH AND POSTER VIEWING

13:00-15:00 Theme 3. Upper Ocean Physics and Biology. Eddies, Air-Sea Interaction

13:00-13:15:     Fairall, C:  Surface fluxes in the VOCALS region

13:15-13:30:     Zappa, J.:  Measurements of upper-ocean turbulence and air-sea interaction during VOCALS REx

13:30-13:45:     Farrar, T.: Influence of oceanic processes on SST and upper-ocean heat content

13:45-14:00:    Grados, C.: From large-scale to submesoscale dynamics in the VOCALS region 

14:00-15:00: Theme 4. Modeling and Basic Issues

14:00-14:15:     deSzoeke, S.: Simulation of Surface Fluxes in the Tropical Pacific

14:15:14:30      Mechoso, C.: A discussion of the processes that maintain a cool ocean surface under the stratus decks of the Southeast Pacific

14:30-14:45:     Medeiros, B: Southeast Pacific stratocumulus in CAM4 and CAM5

14:45-15:00:     Abel, S:  The representation of drizzle in the Met Office Unified Model


15:00-15:30:       BREAK

15:30-15:45:       Barrett, P:  Boundary layer thermodynamics and decoupling in the South Eastern Pacific along 20° South.

15:45-16:00:       Allen, G: Gravity waves observed as a causal mechanism for transition from closed to open cellular convection in the remote South East Pacific

16:00-16:15:       Garreaud, R.: Climatology of the VOCALS region and diurnal cycle

16:15-16:30:       Toniazzo, T:  Processes regulating the seasonal changes in the SEP during the Southern Hemisphere spring

16:30-16:45:       Garrreaud, R:  VOCALS-CUpEx:  The Chilean Upwelling Experiment

16:45-17:00:       Bretherton, C.: VOCA

17:00-17:15:       Themes 3 and 4 Discussion

17:15-17:30:       Themes 3 and 4 Discussion


Wednesday 23rd March

08:30-10:00: Plenary Session -Rapporteur Presentations

The rapporteurs will review notable findings in the context VOCALS hypotheses.  Have they been verified?  What work remains to be done?

          08:30-08:55: Theme 1

            08:55-09:20: Theme 2       

            09:20-09:45: Theme 3

            09:45-10:00: Theme 4   

10:00-10:30:       BREAK

10:30-12:00: Plenary Session - Wrap-Up

10:30-10:45: Meitín, J.:  VOCALS Support Office

10:45-11:00: Williams, S. and L. Cully:  The VOCALS Database 

11:00-11:10: Agency Representatives (M. Patterson US CLIVAR)

11:10-12:00: General Discussion:  Publications? Future Activities?       [Wood/Mechoso]      

Noon: Meeting Closes


Session Chairs/Rapporteurs


Theme 1. PBL and Clouds [Bretherton, Zuidema]

Theme 2. Gases, aerosols and Cloud related Processes [Coe, Clarke]          

Theme 3. Upper Ocean Physics and Biology. Eddies, Air-Sea Interaction [Farrar, Grados]

Theme 4. Modeling and Basic Issues  (Garreaud, deSzoeke)



Poster Session   (Posters will be on display on Monday and Tuesday)

Bretherton, C.: Marine boundary layer decoupling in VOCALS-REx

Freitag, S.: Trajectory Visualizations of In-situ Tracers of Continental Aerosol Sources in Google Earth: Relationships to Aerosol and Clouds over the SEP    

Gadian, A.: Numerical modelling of a stratocumulus over the South-East Pacific with WRF.  (1)

Gadian, A.: Numerical modelling and observation of the cloud aerosol interactions. (2)

Goubanova, K.:  Modes of covariability between SST and wind stress intraseasonal anomalies in the Humboldt and Benguela upwelling systems

Holte, J.: Eddy Observations from VOCALS-REx.

Medeiros, B. "Southeast Pacific stratocumulus in CAM4 and CAM5" 
Shank, L.: Organic carbon and non-refractory aerosol over the remote southeast pacific: oceanic and combustion sources 

Terai, C.: Cold pools and aerosols under stratocumuli (1)

Terai, C.: Susceptibility of drizzle in stratocumulus to aerosol perturbations (2)

Wilcox, E.: Evaluation of satellite lower-tropospheric humidity retrievals and relationships with boundary layer clouds

Zuidema, P.: Aircraft millimeter-wavelength retrievals of cloud liquid water path during VOCALS