Eighth Annual Meeting of the


Mexico City, MX, 7-9 March 2005


Last update: 18 Feb 2005


8:00am            Registration


Monday, March 7, Morning Session, Plenary

Chair: M. Cortéz (SMN)


8:20am           Opening of VPM8 - M. Cortéz (Organizing Committee)


8:30am            Welcome

 - Dr. Michel Rosengaus, Director, Servicio Meteorológico Nacional (SMN)

 - Prof. C. Vera and Dr. Wayne Higgins - VAMOS Co-Chairs


8:50am            VAMOS Chair's Report - C. Vera and W. Higgins


9:20 am          Break


09:50am          VOCALS Status Report - R. Weller

10:20am          MESA Status Report - C. Vera

10:40am          PLATIN Status Report - P. Silva Dias

11:00am          NAME Status Report - W. Higgins

11:30am          VAMOS International Project Office - G. Emmanuel

11:45am          VAMOS Database - J. Meitín

12:00am          CLIVAR Report - T. Busalacchi

12:15pm          CLIVAR ICPO-C. Ereño

12:30am          Report from Regional programs- R. Weller, C. Ereño

12:45am          CPPA Program-J. Huang and M Patterson


1:00pm         Box Lunch



Monday, March 7, Afternoon Session - VAMOS Modeling Workshop

Chair: V. Davydova (SMN)


2:00pm            CLIVAR Modeling - B. Kirtman

2:20pm            Charge to the Modeling Group for VAMOS - C. Vera


Physical Processes in the Monsoon regions

Chair: L. Farfán


2:30pm            Diurnal Cycle and Mesoscale variability in SAMS - P. Silva Dias
2:50pm            Diurnal Cycle in NAMS - S. Schubert

3:10pm            MESA-SALLJEX Modeling - C. Saulo

3:30pm            NAMAP - D. Gutzler


3:50                 Break


4:10pm            Land-surface processes in SAMS - C. Nobre
4:30pm            Land-surface processes in NAMS - D. Lettenmaier
4:50pm            Air-sea interaction in the SAMS region - P. Nobre (invited request)

5:10pm            Regional Air-sea interaction in the NAMS region - L. Farfán

5:30pm            Summary of the session by the Chair and short plenary discussion


6:00pm            End of session


6:30pm           Icebreaker



Tuesday, March 8, Morning Session - VAMOS Modeling Workshop


Climate Forecasts in the Monsoon Regions

Chair: C. Nobre


8:00am            Seasonal Forecasts in SAMS - I. Cavalcanti

8:20am             Influence of Initial Conditions - J. Schemm
8:40am             Predictability on Intraseasonal Time Scales - V. Misra (invited request)

9:00am             Proposed End-to-end Forecast System for VAMOS - K. Mo


9:20am           Break


9:50am             NOAA Climate Test Bed - W. Higgins
10:10am          Hydrometeorological Modeling in SAMS - H. Berbery

10:30am          Hydrometeorological  Modeling in NAMS - D. Lettenmaier

10:50am          Climate change simulations of the South American Monsoon System -

R. Terra

11:10 am         Summary of the session by the Chair and short plenary discussion


VOCALS Modeling Activities


11:30am        Challenges of ocean modeling in the VOCALS domain –A. Miller

11:50am        The modeling challenges of feedbacks between ENSO and the E Pacific seasonal
cycle and the physical processes in the VOCALS region – B. Kirtman


12:10pm         Lunch






Tuesday, March 8, Afternoon Session - VAMOS Modeling Workshop


VOCALS Modeling Activities

Chair: R. Terra

2:00pm           Boundary layer cloud parameterization/modeling issues of relevance to VOCALS – C. Bretherton

2:20pm           Modeling of the MBL and low-level jet off the coast of western South America – R.Garreaud.

2:40pm           Regional coupled ocean atmosphere models in the Southeast Pacific - Yuqing Wang

3:00pm           Challenges to modeling the coastal ocean in the VOCALS domain –O. Pizarro.


3:20pm           Break


Integrated MESA-NAME-VOCALS Modeling Activities

Chair: B. Kirtman


3:40pm            Brief summaries by the session chairs (L. Farfan, C. Nobre, R. Garreaud, G. Cazes)


4:30 pm           Discussion on VAMOS Modeling


                                    Scientific Issues

                                                * Questions common to MESA-NAME-VOCALS

                                    Scientific Priorities

                                                * Model Development

                                                * Climate Products and Applications

                                    Common Issues for MESA and NAME

                                    Special Issues for MESA, NAME, VOCALS

                                    Seasonal Prediction Experiments


6:00 pm          End of session                                                                       



Wednesday, March 9, Morning Session, Part 1 - Presentations by Local Scientists


8:00 am           Mesoscale circulations, convection and pollution in the Gulf of Tehuantepec- Graciela Raga (UNAM)

8:20 am           Interanual variability of streamflow in the Gulf of California continental watershed –Luis Brito Castillo (SIBNOR)

8:40 am           On climate change studies with the NCAR GCM – Martin J. Montero (IMTA)


Wednesday, March 9, Morning Session, Part 2 - Special Presentations


9:00 am           Climate Variability Studies over the American Warm Pools - Victor Magaña (UNAM)


9:20 am           Break


9:40 am          Intra Americas Seas Program - C. Zhang


10:00 am           Demand-driven Information for Assessment and Management of Climate-related Risks. W. Baethgen, L. Goddard & A. Robertson

Wednesday, March 9, Morning Session, Part 3 - Panel Session


10:30 am        VAMOS Executive Session.

12:30 pm         End of VPM8




Wednesday, March 9, Afternoon Session - NAME Data Analysis and MESA SWG Meetings


2:00 pm          NAME Data Analysis and SWG-7 Meeting begins

2:00 pm          MESA SWG Meeting begins