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Tuesday, 4 October 2005
08:00 Welcome Vanda Grubišić
08:05 Science Presentations  
  Overview of the Current T-REX Status Vanda Grubišić
  Upper-Level Wave Activity over Complex Terrain Jim Doyle
  UTLS Involvement in T-REX Laura Pan
08:40 HIAPER Instrumentation  
  Overview of the HIAPER Instrumentation Status Al Cooper
  Overview of the HIAPER Status Jorgen Jensen
  T-REX Flight Strategies and Instruments Ron Smith
  Ozone Measurements Andy Weinheimer
  CO and H2O Measurements Teresa Campos
  Long-Lived Tracer Measurements (QCL) (PDF) Steve Wofsy
09:40 Forecasting and Nowcasting  
  Overview of the T-REX Real-Time Forecasting Effort Jim Doyle
  T-REX Communications Overview Dick Dirks
  Discussion of Specific Forecasting/Nowcasting Needs  
10:10 Flight Tracks and Sampling Strategy Discussion  
10:25 Wrap Up  
  Action Items Vanda Grubišić

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