AGU Fall Meeting

3-7 December 2012
San Francisco, CA

Thursday, 6 December 2012

A44E. Tropospheric Chemistry and Tropical Oceans I
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM; 3004 (Moscone West)

1600A44E-01. Biogeochemical linkage between atmosphere and ocean in the eastern equatorial Pacific Ocean: Results from the EqPOS research cruise (Invited) - (Furutani)
1615A44E-02. Analysis of Very Short-Lived Halocarbons in the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean and Atmosphere using Fully Automated Sampling Techniques - (Andrews)
1645A44E-04. Modelling future changes to the stratospheric source gas injection of biogenic bromocarbons (Invited) - (Hossaini)
1700A44E-05. Findings of the SHIVA field campaign in the South China Sea in Nov.-Dec. 2011 (Invited) - (Pfeilsticker)
1715A44E-06. Investigating the link between tropospheric iodine monoxide and variables of the biosphere from space (Invited) - (Schoenhardt)
1730A44E-07. IO and Glyoxal measured in the FT during the TORERO campaign - Implications for Satellite Retrievals - (Dix)
1745A44E-08. Observations and modeling of formaldehyde during TORERO - (Apel)

Friday, 7 December 2012

A51E. Tropospheric Chemistry and Tropical Oceans II Posters
8:00 AM - 12:20 PM; Hall A-C (Moscone South)

 A51E-0096. The concentration variation of NOy and T.NO3 during the transport in the remote marine boundary layer - (Yuba)
 A51E-0097. Distributions and Sources of Methanesulfonic Acid (MSA) over the Tropical Pacific Ocean - (Zhang)
 A51E-0098. Biological Production of Oceanic Alkyl Nitrates - (Velcamp)
 A51E-0099. Characterization of a high pressure, chemical ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometer for the measurement of alkylamines in the marine boundary layer - (Kim)
 A51E-0100. Air-sea fluxes of dimethyl sulfide and carbon dioxide measured by the gradient technique in the subtropical and equatorial Pacific Ocean - (Omori)
 A51E-0101. Newly observed several peroxides from the gas phase ozonolysis of isoprene using a flow tube reactor and the water vapor effect on their formation and decomposition - (Huang)
 A51E-0102. Kinetic Studies of the interactions of ClO with peroxy radicals - (Rowley)
 A51E-0103. Ice-core Records of Atmospheric Halogen Concentrations over Western Antarctica - Past and Present - (Maselli)
 A51E-0104. Assessing the role of VSLS halocarbons in chemistry-climate interactions - a study using the UMUKCA-CheST model - (Yang)
 A51E-0105. Observations of I2 in the tropical Atlantic - (Lawler)
 A51E-0106. Measurements of IO in the Tropical Marine Boundary Layer using Laser-Induced Fluorescence Spectroscopy - (Walker)
 A51E-0107. Overview: DOAS Measurements in the Marine Boundary Layer - (Lampel)
 A51E-0108. Ship-based DOAS measurements of halogen oxides and OVOCs during the Malaspina circumnavigation expedition 2010-2011 - (Prados-Roman)
 A51E-0109. On the variability of tropospheric ozone in the Tropical Eastern Pacific and its impact on the oxidizing capacity - (Saiz-Lopez)
 A51E-0110. Chamber studies of atmospheric iodine chemistry - (Bloss)
 A51E-0112. Eddy covariance flux measurements of Glyoxal over the tropical Pacific Ocean - (Coburn)
 A51E-0113. Reconciling Glyoxal Observations Over Oceans with Model Simulations: A 3D sensitivity study - (Tsigaridis)
 A51E-0115. Spatial distribution of Aerosol Surface Area, OVOC, and Halogens during TORERO - (Wang)
 A51E-0116. Actinic flux measurements and photolysis frequencies enhancements near clouds during DC3 and TORERO - (Hall)
 A51E-0117. Measurements of Short-Lived Organohalogens Over the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean During TORERO - (Hornbrook)
 A51E-0118. Measurements of vertical distributions of bromine oxide, iodine oxide, oxygenated hydrocarbons and ozone over the Eastern Tropical Pacific Ocean - (Volkamer)
 A51E-0119. Carbon monoxide observations over open ocean during the Tropical Ocean tRoposphere Exchange of Reactive halogen species and Oxygenated VOC (TORERO) experiment - (Campos)
 A51E-0120. Optical Properties of Remote Ocean Aerosols As Measured by an Air-borne High Spectral Resolution Lidar - (Spuler)
 A51E-0121. Characteristics of Double Tropopause Layers Observed During TORERO - (Haggerty)
 A51E-0122. SWING-UAV: Small Whiskbroom Imager for atmospheric compositioN monitorinG from an UAV - (Merlaud)
 A51E-0123. Regional air pollution over Malaysia - (Krysztofiak)
 A51E-0124. Preliminary Results from VOC measurements in the Lower Fraser Valley in July/Aug 2012 - (Schiller)

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