Data Organization and Software Availability

All T-28 data for each flight is collected in a raw file. The raw file is then preprocessed, and 5 new files are created. For example, our flight 761 on June 29, 2000, has the following components:

    • F761_2dc.raw (includes 2DC image buffers)
    • F761hail.raw (includes hail image buffers)
    • F761hvps.raw (includes HVPS image buffers)
    • Flt761.raw (includes all non-image data at their highest recording frequency)
    • Flt761.rnd (includes all non-image data at 1 sec intervals)

There are two IDL software packages to display the T-28 data: HVPSWID and READ_RAW. To run these programs you need to have an IDL license (for PC or UNIX). The HVPSWID and READ_RAW packages are updated when a new IDL version is released.

The HVPSWID software allows buffer display of image data from both HVPS and 2DC probes. A component including particle classification and statistics is now under development.

The READ_RAW software is used to display the non-image data. Each recorded or derived parameter is assigned a tag number, which is used in selecting parameters for the display and analysis when using HVPSWID and READ_RAW.

To acquire T-28 data and the software to read this data, please email Donna Kliche at: or, call her at (605) 394-2291.