Friday, 23 June

T-28 Flight 758

Project Flight 13

Take Off ~ 22:18 GMT

Return to Base: 23:40 GMT

Pilot: Charles Summers



The T-28 was launched for a small storm 16 nmi northeast of Goodland. He had to climb to the northwest to get out from under some cloud seeding aircraft. The storm consisted of multiple "up and down" cells. The aircraft made several passes through two of these convective cells in the Goodland area. These passes were between the -5 and -10oC levels. NLDN cloud-to-ground lighting data showed that these storms were producing mostly negative CGs at a modest rate.



Image collection by the HVPS was intermittent in later portions of the flight. Other data were of good quality, except for the DMT liquid water probe which was lost during the first pass. Peak electric fields were in in the range of 40 kV m-1.



Late in the flight the aircraft overflew the CSU hail disdrometer van while both were collecting data. The hail van reported dime-size hail mixed with rain at the time. Lightning was coming to ground mostly outside of the precipitation cores, causing grass fires. There were no electrical balloon launches during this mission.