Monday, 12 June

T-28 Flight 755

Project Flight 10

Take Off ~ 23:40 GMT

Return to Base: 00:20 GMT

Pilot: Tom Root


The aircraft was launched into some weak convection 30 nmi southeast from CHILL. Although the storm had vigor when the call went to launch, it was collapsing as the aircraft began its sampling.   The storm also had lightning and showed evidence of being electrically inverted, prior to the aircraft arrival.  No lightning activity was evident in the LMA observations during the aircraft passes. The mission was terminated after several short passes in the 19000 to 21000 ft MSL altitude block, then at the melting level.


Western Kansas Weather Modification Program (WKWMP) cloud seeding aircraft approached but did not treat the cloud.  An attempt to launch an electric field sounding balloon failed. 


The data were generally good, including continuous sampling through the whole flight by the HVPS. Small precipitation particles and low cloud water concentrations were noted in spots. There were pockets where the electric field exceeded 20 kV m-1 and pockets where charged particles were detected. Peak updrafts reached 10 m s-1.