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        The variables shown in this table are as follows:

Time in cloud  GMT time when the aircraft began a cloud penetration.
Dur  duration, in seconds, of the cloud penetration
GPS Alt  average geometric altitude, above mean sea level, during the penetration period as computed by the GPS.
GPS grd.trk  GPS ground track angle.
T  average temperature in Celsius, during the penetration, as determined from the Rosemount aircraft temperature sensor.
Max LWC  maximum 1-s value of total cloud liquid water concentration, in gm-3
Max Down, Max Up calculated peak negative and positive vertical winds, in m/s.
Max Sh/Or  maximum precipitation particle count rate, observed during penetration by the PMS 2DC probe.
Hail Mx C and 
Hail Mx D
 peak concentration (m-3) of particles with diameters larger than ~5mm and maximum-size particle (mm) detected by the hail spectrometer during the penetration.
Min Ez and Max Ez  in Kv/m are the minimum and maximum vertical electric fields calculated with respect to Earth coordinates