4 June 2003 Flight 805


Research Flight from OUN


Pilot: Tom Warner


T.O. 16:06 UT


T.D. 17:20 UT


Storm remnants move into range early in morning. TELEX crews depart before 10 AM as storm approaches from NW. Radar structure is chaotic, but active convection seems to be on the south (leading) edge, with trailing stratiform extending both northward and eastward. Reflectivity vertical profile suggests these a mainly rain-producing storms.


Take-off at 16:06 UT was in light rain at Norman. The aircraft heads southward, then back to the north for its first pass, passing over the balloon launch site. His first pass is to the north at an altitude of 15 kft., with the track extending about 10 nmi beyond El Reno. Then he returns southward and gets out of the convection at about Chickasha. He then makes a second pass to the north, exiting the cloud just after 17:00 .


17:05:09 - :38 NO calibration test


The pilot elected to land at Page due to weather issues at Norman. He landed at ~17:20, then later ferried back to Norman.


The ballooners launched 3 balloons, which all tracked eastward.


HVPS images were good only in the upper portions of buffers. 2D-C and hail images were OK.