23 May 2003 Flight 802


Research Flight from OUN


Pilot: Tom Warner


T.O. 15:32 UT


T.D. 16:43 UT


Remnant of an MCS moves into range of the LMA. New cells are popping up ~90 nmi NW of KTLX as of 14:30. Eventually decide to launch on a more nearby storm NW of KTLX. The aircraft arrives at the storm near 15:55 at a time when the cloud is in a dissipating stage. Several passes are made along a northwest-southeast line, with what is left of the active convection on the southeast end of the storm. NO analyzer tests with a calibration mixture of 50 ppbv are made at 16:14:50 in-cloud, and at 16:24:55 in the clear. The last pass is to the NW, ending at 16:24:55, after which the aircraft returns to base.


HVPS images are OK in the upper portions of the image buffers. 2D-C images are fine. No hail was recorded by the hail spectrometer. The NMIMT-OU X-ray sensor package was carried for the first time. No events were recorded. Cloud water data from FSSP and DMT look good.