The NCAR/Earth Observing Laboratory has been given resources by the NSF to act as the interim archive for SBI datasets. We are working with Jackie Grebmeier and the Project Office to assure that data are archived and documented for both Phase 1 and 2 of SBI. We are happy to accept your datasets and documentation or provide links to data at another institutional or PI archive sites. Note that we have provided guidelines for the data formatting and documentation that can be found at the main EOL SBI data management web site: There is specific information below on how to get the data to EOL and also notifying us that you have sent information.

EOL will also facilitate the transmission of final SBI datasets to the Arctic Data Coordination Center (ADCC) for permanent archival.

Phase 1 Datasets

The initial data submitted is documented in the SBI Phase 1 data table on the SBI Project Office home page. The url is:

Please send an email to us (email below) note any change of status regarding any Phase 1 datasets.

Phase 2 Datasets

Data tables have been prepared for each SBI cruise. It should contain a complete list of all data anticipated from each participating investigator. Those tables can be found at the following url:

Process and Survey Cruises

Expected Datasets Spring Cruise 2002
Expected Datasets Summer Cruise 2002
Expected Datasets Summer Survey 2003---No Cruise Report Available--
Expected Datasets Spring Cruise 2004
Expected Datasets Summer Cruise 2004
Expected Datasets Summer Cruise 2002

Mooring Cruises

Expected Datasets Bering Strait Cruise 2002
Expected Datasets Chukchi/Beaufort Cruise 2002
Expected Datasets Helo Survey 2003---No information Available--
Expected Datasets Bering Strait Cruise 2003
Expected Datasets Chukchi/Beaufort Cruise 2003
Expected Datasets Bering Strait Cruise 2004
Expected Datasets Chukchi/Beaufort Cruise 2004---No Information Available---

Please review these tables and provide updated information to EOL at the addresses below. All datasets and documentation should be submitted to EOL following the instructions below.Please contact us if you have any questions.


Please note that these instructions have changed. You must be using an ftp tool capable of passive mode and have that mode activated for this transfer to work.
login: anonymous
password: your email address
change directory: cd /pub/incoming/sbi
binary mode: bin
passive mode: passive
move file: put filename

If the files are larger than 100MB each, we generally recommend that you send us a CD- ROM, tape, Exabyte or DAT would be preferred, with the data and documentation. Remember that a CD normally holds about 600MB of data. This process avoids potential problems with large file transfers across the Internet. If you are using a modem link on your computer, files larger than 20MB should be transferred via CD or tape.

The EOL mailing address is:

The Fedex address is:



Attention: J. Moore

Attention: J. Moore

PO Box 3000

1850 Table Mesa Dr.

Boulder, CO 80305

Boulder, CO 80R307

It is very important that you include documentation with your data. Please upload this file separately from your data to keep the confusion to a minimum.




Please send an email to to confirm that you have submitted data and documentation to our ftp site or have shipped other media to us. Please email Jim Moore ( or Greg Stossmeister ( if there are any other questions. Thanks in advance for your help.