SALLJEX Data Workshop

10-12 December, Buenos Aires, Argentina

General Objectives:

a) To assess what progress has been made on SALLJEX objectives.

b) To strengthen and arrange collaborations among the partipants in SALLJEX.

c) To broaden participation in order to expand the analysis and modeling use of
    SALLJEX data by other scientists and their students

d) To determine follow-up SALLJEX activities

General Considerations:

Technical presentations about the status of the SALLJEX data processing and quality control will be made at the Workshop. It will also include integrated presentations of preliminar data analyses and numerical simulations, gathering both collaborative as well as individual efforts currently undergoing to address SALLJEX objectives. In particular, the preliminar results of the modeling experiments being currently coordinated in SALLJEX including models from several institutions will be discussed at the workshop.

Plenary sessions will concentrate in discussing to what extent SALLJEX is meeting its goals. The discussion of the formal objective achievement through questions like the following will be one way to estimate the progress: Have the available observations characterized the SALLJ well? Were the SALLJ features (spatial structure, diurnal cycle, etc.) and the related precipitation accurately enough measured to make progress in the knowledge of them? Can the new insights be used to improve process descriptions in numerical models?. The possibility of a broader involvement by other potential interested investigators will be also matter of discussion as well as which additional joint activities are likely to be fruitful and useful for the objective accomplishment.

Plenary sessions will specifically discuss the evolution of the SALLJ Program into the broader context of MESA and in particular, the characteristics of a possible future experiment regarding the precipitation variability over the la Plata Basin.

Finally complementary subjects like publications of SALLJEX results in special issues, overview publications, presentations at Conference and future meetings will be also discussed.

SALLJ Scientific Working Group

CarolinaVera (Chair, UBA)
Mike Douglas (NOAA NSSL)
Eugenia Kalnay (U. Maryland)
Maria Assunção Silva-Dias (INPE CPTEC)
Julia N. Paegle (U. Utah)
Matilde Nicolini (UBA)
P. Aceituno (U. Chile)
José Marengo (INPE CPTEC)
Vern Kousky (NOAA NCEP)

SALLJEX Project Office:

C.B. (Gus) Emmanuel- Director (UCAR JOSS)
José Meitín - Deputy Director (NOAA OGP)
Carlos Ereño - Latin America Representative (ICPO)