ENVISAT Overpass Information
Overpass schedule
The first ENVISAT overpass is 14 June 2006 at 1713 UTC. The next potential one is on 17 June at 1719 UTC.

Below is a partial list of possible acquisition times. They are grouped by track. Most of them are marked as "potential" by ESA, which means that they could happen.

06/14/06 17:13 UTC planned
07/19/06 17:13 UTC planned
08/23/06 17:13 UTC planned

06/17/06 17:19 UTC potential
07/22/06 17:19 UTC potential
08/26/06 17:19 UTC potential

06/21/06 04:41 UTC potential
07/26/06 04:41 UTC potential
08/30/06 04:41 UTC potential

05/20/06 04:59 UTC potential
06/24/06 04:59 UTC potential
07/29/06 04:59 UTC potential

General ENVISAT Overpass Information
The ENVISAT Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) data can be used to measure refractivity from space.

During REFRACTT there are at least two opportunities (14 June and 19 July) for ENVISAT overpasses.

There are many operation modes for ENVISAT, but in the mode to be used for REFRACTT it covers an approximately 100 km wide track from north to south.

The above image shows the track overlayed on a map of the REFRACTT region. The track (Track 327) is the one routinely aquired each time the satellite repeats it, every 35 days.

The above image shows a low quality SAR reflectivity image over the track.

There are several possible tracks, of which 7 have been selected, covering other parts of the region of interest (see the image below for an example which corresponded to a South to North orbit passing at 04:43 UTC). All others are North to South and around the same time of day (~17:10 UTC).