E-mail from Brigitte Baeuerle, 2/11/2005 Re: NRL P-3 Dropsonde System Installation
Sam Kogel and I talked on the phone earlier today to check where
we stand with respect to the P-3 dropsonde installation:
- Terry and Errol decided to install the dropsonde system in a single rack,
   which will be installed on the inboard, starboard side of the P3. 

- The rack will include the dropsonde receiver system as well as a bolted
   down metal box for secure storage of about 30 sondes. 

- RTF will ship the completely packaged rack (including base plate, overhead
   ceiling attachment hardware) to NRL (Sam's attention) around 7 March with
   intended arrival date of 10 March.

- Mike Spowart confirmed that all PVC cabling (power, video, RS32) needs 
   to be replaced with Teflon cabling.  This has to be done before we ship
   the equipment to Pax River.

- PSI will do the floor loading analysis.

- As requested, I sent Sam another copy of the "structural analysis for 
   the NRL 587 ELDORA cabin installation" that Mark Lord produced for IHOP.

- Sam has the funds to fabricate a dropsonde launch tube.  The design is 
   based on an already exisitng design that has previously flown on a NRL P-3.  
   Certification should therefore be fairly straight forward. No preliminary
   launch tube design exists yet on paper.  We had hoped that Terry could
   review the design before his visit to Pax later this month.

- Terry's, Jack's and Hal's visit to Pax River is confirmed for 23 
   February; the paperwork to obtain access to the base has been submitted.

- Once PSI has done the floor loading analysis, Sam will have the tube 
   and rack installed in the airplane and signed off by a local NAVAIR 
   inspector.  RTF staff should be able to conduct the actual ground testing of
   the fully installed system around 16-18 March at Pax River.
- So far, Sam if fairly certain that we do not have to conduct any test 
   flights at Pax River to look at proper separation of the dropsonde from the
   aircraft. Flight tests for the dropsonde system will therefore be done in
   conjunction with the ELDORA test flights shortly before the start of the

- Starting next week, we will conduct weekly phone calls with Sam.