SUBJECT : Meeting, Friday, 23 July 2010







Aquino, Janine


Baeuerle, Brigitte


Bosart, Lance


Boynton, Henry


Cooper, Al


Flanigan, Dennis


Hanson, Mary


Jensen, Jørgen


Klotz, Randy


Meitín, José


Moore, Jim  


Norman, Susan


Rockwell, Alison


Salazar, Vidal


Schanot, Allen


StMartin, Briesa


Stossmeister, Greg


Twohy, Cindy


Velden, Chris


Williams, Steve





   Status from EOL Facilities

    RAF:  Upload, safety brief, flight tests, diplomatic clearances, ATC, shipping...
    ISF:   dropsondes, ASPEN, student hires, ...
    CDS:  Field Catalog, XChat, GTS data submittal, ASPEN, FTP directories....
    FPS:  STX security, Operations Center, Forecaster exercise, tri-agency dry-run

   Other Items

Updates from Facilities:

Research Aviation Facility:

Instrument upload progressing nicely. Instrument installations completed by Friday afternoon or Monday early morning.

Monday 26 July- Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) test, to ensure that nothing impacts pilot's radio, etc.
Tuesday 27 July- Systems Acceptance Review (SAR). Instrument PIs need to provide status, are there any outstanding issues.
Wednesday 28 July-  morning , Postponed All-Hands Informational meeting on St Croix.
Wednesday 28 July - 10:30 am safety briefing for all personnel that will fly on GV.
Thursday   29 July -  (Flight Readiness Review). A safety review to confirm that aircraft and payload is safe for flight. Instrument providers need not be present.

RAF pilots safety review meeting this afternoon (Fri 23 July), to go through procedures and what kind of weather will we fly through, what products do we need.

PREDICT hurricane evacuation plan for UCAR staff, UCAR safety office commented, UCAR legal reviewed it, ready for release.

When would we evacuate UCAR staff from St. Croix?
Forecast Cat. 1 or less- Ride it out
Forecast Cat. 2 or above- Evacuate, 1st choice- commercial aircraft; absolute crisis: charter aircraft; life and limp - shuttle GV
UCAR plan: Cannot make decision for non-UCAR personnel, but will have admin staff on site to assist others with evacuation plans.

Containers left Palm Beach, FL on Thurs 22 July will arrive in St Croix Monday 26 July (Tropical Shipping, local agent), delivery to STX Bohlke on Friday 30 July. Air Shipments will be within the next two weeks, last day  to ship is August 4.

RAF had planned for the three pilots in first and last two weeks; Uncertain when the C-130 will come back from maintenance in California.  RAF can hire one contract pilot, may not have full complement of pilots needed during PREDICT, will minimize impact on PREDICT.

Radar images from pilot station to back of aircraft, making progress but slow; still working on it, display of range and elevations angle not included, for PREDICT only image data and will have to ask pilots to keep radar on standard settings. Mission coordinators will need to know how far away the radar is pointing. Mission critical but still in progress.

(AI.69)  Mission coordinator data products follow-up meeting  TBD (Jensen)

Montserrat volcano eruption : what would be the policy and avoidance issues?  Will deal with it as it happens, won't fly through ash plumes, case by case. the FAA will cover avoidance regions but any information from forecast team will be useful. Depending on winds, ash plume could drift to St Croix, damage to engines. NRL Satellite group (Hawkins) group would have some useful guidance products.

Diplomatic clearances: handed in to NSF several months back. Typically will receive foreign clearances a  few days before deployment; will check with NSF liaison when closer to start of project.

    (AI.70) Jensen to send list of country clearance requests to Meitin

(AI.50) Summary of discussions with impacted ATC areas has been prepared by NCAR pilots.  Includes procedures for genesis mission when CARCAH coordination is unlikely.

(AI.71) Meitín has sent out summary to NASA collaborators
    (AI.66) NASA/ ESPO is scheduling a pilots deconfliction telecon during the last week of July.

Briesa St Martin reminds everyone that the Buccaneer Hotel contract is for the first two adults free (short term family members), additional adults in the room are $80, children $20 each.  All Travel Authorizations for UCAR staff are completed. NCAR travel  office wants vouchers completed as soon as travel concludes due to the large amounts of advance payments.
(AI.72) Admin assistants should get a complete list from the hotel of PREDICT participants.

Computing, Data and Software Facility:

Field catalog is up and running (for the forecaster exercise). Have compiled a good list of additional products based on interactions with the forecast team. Busy ingesting the numerical model products, have developed new authoring form for the Pouch Synopsis Summary and will continue making additional modifications.

ASPEN processing software: CTM have established (anonymous) FTP subdirectories (AI.73) for AVAPS D-files and for outgoing Skew-T plots for each aircraft. CDS DMG has contacted NWS telecommunications gateway and NCEP, eagerly awaiting dropsonde files and would like to do a test, we plan send a sample for message syntax, will use test flights (Mon Aug 2 first GV test flight), also vibration and pilot proficienty test, then dropsonde test in the afternoon.  Second testflight has not been scheduled, probably 2-3 days later. Need to alert ECMWF and UK Met Office to begin looking on GTS for dropsonde reports.
According to Charlie Martin, platform-independent version of ASPEN is available through the EOL software download website.  Kate Young is completing some evaluations, but looks ready for use.

XChat, still need to connect to NOAA side IRC server (AI.22) Since Mark Bradford's departure, Dennis Flanigan will continue interactions with NOAA/AOC.  (AI.74) Meitín will provide contact information for Sean McMillan at AOC.  NCAR XChat login is available through the Mibbit web link on the PREDICT Field Catalog front page <>.  This provides access to PREDICT, GV, DC8, GRIP, GHAWK and other chatrooms

Systems Administration: Initial large equiopment shipment has gone with RAF seatainers, finalizing LAN equipment testing will be boxed up with laptops for air shipment.
The Buccaneer Hotel has changed the location of the Operations Center from near the Lobby (Arcade Room) to the Beach Conference Room; which is 4x larger, but farther from the main building and closer to the shore.

Field Project Services Facility:

Forecast Team "mock exercise" took place Mon-Wed 19-21 July. Considered quite successful, procedures and daily schedules were worked out (AI.47). It was very helpful to get everyone together. Jason Dunion did an excellent job in preparing daily briefing; coordinating the weblinks that are available, in one common place and will send additional URLs. Forecast team will split into forecasting duties and flight support duties.  CDS will provide 2 laptops for the forecast team.

The tri-agency dry run telecons 16 UTC will continue daily until 30 July with weather briefing and flight planning

Meitín has been in contact with US Customs and Border Patrol (in St Croix) about security badges. Several NCAR personnel have submitted forms for TSA badges to the Virgin Islands Port Authority (AI.60). Badged staff will escort science crew to and from aircraft.

Student hires: dropsonde students assistants have small EOL grants (purchase orders) that their to home institution can charge against. Each student assistant will deploy to STX for three weeks with one week overlap, Primary responsibility is dropsonde quality control processing and assist dropsonde tech during missions.

Education and Outreach: 
The general public outreach PREDICT website: is now available, along the PREDICT project information and logistics webite.
Check out the YouTube video with Chris Davis narrating PREDICT objectives

General interest blogging information needed from participants to make it worthwhile. Please contact Alison Rockwell <rockwell AT>



AI.69   Mission coordinator data products follow-up meeting  TBD (Jensen)

AI.72  Compile list of all PREDICT participants registered at Buccaneer Hotel (admin staff)

In Progress:

AI.10: Discuss near real time data needs in more detail and make necessary arrangements
AI.22: coordinate xchat servers among agencies (Bradford/Flanigan)  IN PROGRESS

AI.56: Participate in bi-weekly data telecon with GRIP (Williams, Stossmeister)

AI.65:  Coordinate dropsonde QC procedure (manual) with other agencies prior to submittal to GTS (Meitín, M Black)

AI.67:  EOL draft and distribute PREDICT data policy (Williams)



AI.4: Possibility of GISMOS install on GV during for PREDICT (Jensen)

AI.7: Determine/prioritize data for field catalog inclusion (Stossmeister)

AI.3: Link PREDICT from EOL front page (Meitín/Petro)

AI.13: Arrangements with NOAA to obtain LF data (Meitín) (action: likely negative)
AI.14: Post Miami Meeting Summary on PREDICT website (Meitín, Davis)

AI.16: Website link to go to PREDICT page, not OFAP documentation (Meitín)

AI.21: EOL to provide needed information to Davis (various)
AI.25: send shipping info to RAF and make sure ISF is in the loop (Randy Klotz , RAF, is contact for shipping)

AI.26: finish and publish site survey report (Meitín)

AI.27: check on seat availability for second dropsonde operator (Schanot)
AI.28: make Flight planning meeting ppt available on PREDICT website

AI.29: put together and E&O outline (Rockwell)

AI.30: set up meeting with PREDICT PIs to discuss E&O opportunities (Rockwell)
AI.31: check on funding status for CVI (Jensen)

AI.32: arrange for conference call set up at IHC side meeting (Davis to Rob Rogers)

AI.23: Invite New York ATC folks to follow up meeting in either Savannah or Tucson (Meitín)
AI.33: determine what data are missing if Navy products from J. Hawkins cannot be obtained (C Velden (Wisc) has compiled a list of unique NRL products for NSF )

AI.34: Set up Data Display meeting after IHC (Stossmeister)
AI.35: Share Draft Special Funds request with PIs (Baeuerle, Meitín) at NSF for consideration.

AI.36: Distribute draft of Operations Plan to key groups (Davis)
AI.37: Provide list of data products needed for diagnostics and field catalog (continues)
AI.38: Provide meeting minutes from GRIP Science meeting in L.A.(NASA)
AI.39: Provide list of NASA instrumentation for GRIP (NASA)

AI.40: Provide GV cabin layout and instrument payload (RAF)

AI.41: Confirm the dates for the PRE-GRIP exercise (Baeuerle) (19-30 July)
AI.42: Identify PREDICT forecast team and schedule
AI.43: Contact Howard University regarding opportunities in forecast team (Baeuerle)

AI.44: Provide computer projection equipment and satellite speakers for Operations Center (EOL/CDS)
AI.45: Contact NOAA AOC regarding authorization/paperwork to log into their chat server (Bradford)
AI.46: Complete design of PREDICT logo with EOL graphic artist.

AI.47: Forecast team telecon to determine schedules and staff assignments (Moore, Velden)

AI.48: Assess if forecast team needs to run "exercise" during July dry-run (Velden, Bosart)

AI.49: Satellite products telecon end of March (Stossmeister)
AI.50: Prepare memo from pilots to FAA about TC research operations during Summer 2010 (Thompson)
AI.51: Determine additional staff needed to cover 3 consecutive max missions (Jensen)

AI.52: RAF determine role of mission/ground coordinators (Jensen)
AI.53: RAF admin to contact hotel and rental cars in STX (Jensen, others)

AI.54: Pay-as-you-go cellular phones and hotel phone line(s) in Ops Center (Slaten)
AI.55: Availability of large-flat monitor for forecasst team in STX (Slaten)
AI.57: Develop list of available graduate students for various support tasks. (Baeuerle/Meitín)

AI.58: Contact STX airport operations manager regarding storing seatainers near tarmac (Meitín).
AI.59: RAF to provide proper address for Bohlke Aviation

AI.60: Meitín has received forms for fingerprint/background check for SIDA ID badges
AI.61: Coordinate dropsonde frequency assigments amongst all participating agencies. (Meitín)

AI.62: Publish St Croix evacuation plan when approved by UCAR management

AI.63: Publish dropsonde frequency assignment document. (Meitín)
AI.64: Telecon with NSF, PI regarding special funds request (Sharpe/Meitín)
AI.66:  Schedule deconflicting telecon amongst pilots (NASA)

AI.68:  CDS to identify and configure forecaster workstation (Slaten)
AI.70: Jensen provide country clearance list for Meitín to create plot FIR areas allowed to fly research.

AI.71:  Distribute summary of discussions with impacted ATC areas.
AI.73:  Create /pub/incoming and /pub/download/ subdirectories for dropsonde data (Stossmeister)
Provide NOAA/AOC XChat contacts to CDS CTM (Meitín))