Preliminary schedule for PREDICT & GV.    Version 2.5 / 13 July 2010

Detailed schedule:
14 July                    Install 3V-CPI.
21 July                    Completed install of all instruments on aircraft.
26 July                    EMI (Electromagnetic Interference test; all instruments must be turned on; a person from all                                     groups must be present. For special consideration, contact JBJ)
27 July                    Backup day for EMI in case of problems.
27 July - TBD         SAR (Systems Acceptance Review). All instrument providers must be present or phone in to confirm their instrument functionality.

28 July - morning    Weigh aircraft; no access to the aircraft for instrument providers.
28 July
9:30 to 10:30 AM    General information about PREDICT, intended for non-scientists and scientists alike. Also
                                a Q&A session on practical matters.
28 July
10:30 AM to Noon    RAF safety briefing for all persons (local Colorado) to fly onboard GV in PREDICT
29 July - time TBD    FRR (Flight Readiness Review). A safety review to confirm that aircraft and payload is safe                                   for flight. Instrument providers need not be present.
2 August - morning   GV maintenance flight, incl 3V-CPI evaluation.
                                    No instrument providers on this flight.
2 August - afternoon   Test flight #1. All instruments incl. 2 dropsondes.
4, 5 or 6 August       Test flight #2. All instruments incl. 2 dropsondes and 3 Akron upsondes.
9 or 10 August         Test flight #3 (+#4?)
11 August                Pack.
12 August                GV ferry to St. Croix.
13 August                Unpack, before mid-afternoon.
14 August                Change-to-night-schedule
15 August                First PREDICT mission day. Earliest takeoff 5 AM.

1 September - 15 September    Double-crew period for PREDICT.

30 September         Final PREDICT mission day.
1 October                Pack up.
2 October                GV ferry to JeffCo.
3 October                Sunday, no work on the GV.

For further information, contact:
Jørgen Jensen: 303-497-1028 (office); 720-206-6478 (cell)
    Allen Schanot: 303-497-1063

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